Shoes Outfit – What Shoes To Wear and When

Helen Lee – January 2004

Cher has self confessed shoe fetish in Clueless, so does Carrie in Sex and the City, in reality most fashionistas do to. But many of us have no clue what shoes to wear with what outfit – seriously! After all shoes are available in: sling backs, wedge heels, thongs, sandals, court shoes, stiletto heels, peep toe, mules, ballet shoes… and that is only come of the many styles available to us. And then there are colours, heel heights and other things to consider! So how do we really know if our favorite strappy sandals will look best with this season’s fashion? What if we get it all wrong?

Here are some general tips for matching shoes with each outfit:

This depends very much on the look that you are trying to achieve, but a few basic rules apply. Jeans look seriously fabulous with a pair of strappy stiletto heels for that sexy look, its great for a casual night out on the town with the girls. But for night wear, try to stick with black, silver or gold shoes; something with diamantes might look oh so hot too.

For a casual dressed up look, try a pair of thongs, pretty wedge heels, sandals or ballet shoes. Colour wise choose something in a bright colour that’s hip, right now citrus shades are popular, or the ever endearing pink. For a really casual look, just slide your feet into a pair of trainers, thongs or comfy boots.

We wear skirts all through the year, but let me tell you now that wearing a pair of knee high boots on a boiling hot summer’s day is not a good look; your feet are probably sweating like crazy too. The main things to think about when choosing what shoes will match your skirt is the colour of the skirt, length, where you’re going and the season.

During the cooler winter months when you’re wearing skirts in a thicker material (and hopefully longer skirts), shoes that are perfect are boots, or the classic pump. A pair of ballet type shoes may look cute too. The main rule in winter is to try and stick to closed toed shoes; after all you don’t have to freeze your toes off or anything!

For the months where you are decked out in more filmy and thinner skirts, try the classic strappy sandals, wedge heels or if your feeling a bit sexy, a pair of killer stilettos to show off your fabulous legs. Killer heels usually look best with a calf skimming skirt or just below the knee skirt. But if you don’t mind wearing micro mini’s, here’s your chance to turn heads.

The hottest look going around right now is stiletto heels; whether you wear them with a gorgeous floor length evening dress or a short cocktail dress, stilettos add that extra glamour to your look. As well as that extra sex appeal. If you really can’t ‘do’ the whole stiletto heel for whatever reason, try sticking with a nice pair of satin strappy sandals or kitten heels. It’s up to you, just make sure the colours match you dress! If your dress is a dark shade, stick to a darker shade of shoe and the opposite for lighter shades!

Now what are you waiting for? Go shoe shopping and stock up on shoes! While you’re there could you buy a pair for me too?