SASSYBELLA.com is a fashion and beauty news, reviews commentary blog, focusing on the high end of fashion and the illustrious history behind some of the most iconic brands. We explore everything from the design process all the way to reviewing runway shows and analysing the ideas, trends and even the finance of fashion. There is no stone left unturned in our quest to learn more about the industry we love.

Founded in 2002 by fashion writer Helen Lee, SASSYBELLA.com is one of the longest running fashion blogs still online today.

As the face of blogging has grown and evolved over the last 10 years, SASSYBELLA.com has consistently been at the forefront, breaking boundaries and championing her medium as blogging moved from the bedroom to a highly regarded media channel.


A self confessed fashion and beauty lover, geek, social media fanatic and sports fan, Helen started creating websites in her mid-teens when she should have been making out with boys behind the school gym instead of learning html code and web design to indulge in a life long addiction to fashion and beauty.

Creating SASSYBELLA.com during the first year of obtaining her Journalism degree, Helen saw the internet as a way to share fashion news, gossip and finds with friends and like minded fashionistas around the world. Little did she know that almost 11 years later that SASSYBELLA.com would grow to be one of the oldest fashion and beauty blogs in Australia.

Between blogging, building a career in digital media and magazine publishing Helen also created iBlogFashionandBeauty.com, a resource for Australian PR & marketing people about fashion and beauty blogging in Australia. Helen’s writing experience has spanned many websites and various publications, including: Shoewawa.com, Catwalkqueen.tv, FashionExposed.com.au as well as reporting on Rosemount Australian Fashion Week Spring Summer 2009-10 and Rosemount Sydney Fashion Festival for IMG Fashion’s ChicReport.com.au.

Outside of fashion, Helen has a not-so-secret love of watching sports and day dreams about watching the US Open tennis final with Anna Wintour before sharing a car back to New York City to catch shows at New York Fashion Week. Oh and watching the Monoco Formula One Grand Prix on a luxury yacht, preferably Valentino’s or Dolce & Gabbana’s.

Drop Helen a line with thoughts, comments or tidbits at: helen@sassybella.com


  • Stefanie Heidy Suwidji, European Contributing Writer

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