Courtney Love talks her beauty tips, Taylor Momsen should pay attention

Courtney Love is not one to shy away from letting the world know what she thinks – and she also wears what she wants while rocking it out with platinum blonde hair and bold eye makeup. A look now seen on the young Taylor Momsen, aka Jenny Humphry on Gossip Girl, much to the ire of Love. Well we hope Momsen doesn’t spy this video of Love showing us how she created a “theatrical red” make up look for a night out on the town with Michael Stipe. Love also talks about how she makes her own clothes “pretty much” from cutting up vintage “shit” as well as making pieces for celebrity friends.

I’m feeling a Lady Gag vibe from this make up look, which begs the question, which platinum blonde with a crazy look came first?

[Via FabSugarUK]


  • Stylestalker says:

    i adore courntey love

  • DDGdaily - Kate says:

    ah c’mon! we all know Courtney Love pre-dates all these broads. Taylor Momson was, like, an embryo when Love was already at…

  • DDGdaily - Kate says:

    Oh, and Courtney Love is not one you expect to generally see associated with “beauty tips” – just sayin’

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