Cynthia Rowley to design new uniforms for United Airlines


United Airlines has enlisted the help of American fashion designer Cynthia Rowley to makeover all their employee uniforms for 2011. Known for her sophisticated and flirty designs, Rowley will be create new uniforms for United’s diverse range of staff from the flight attendants to pilots, customer service representatives, ramp service and maintenance employees.

“Travel is a huge part of my life and authentic to our brand,” says Cynthia Rowley. “It’s such an exciting opportunity to design for United, a company with a rich history, expansive global reach and, like myself, Chicago roots.”

Rowley will spend a month meeting with United employees around the world to find out what they want in their employee uniforms. Like a Project Runway challenge, Rowley has been tasked with creating new uniforms that increases functionality in more breathable and durable fabrics.

“New uniforms, with an improved look and feel, are a key investment in our company and our people, who are the face of United,” says John Tague, President, United Airlines.

“It is one of the many investments we are making in our future… We have chosen Cynthia for her keen sense of style and for her commitment to involving our employees’ important input throughout the design process.”

Rowley joins the likes of Christian Lacroix (Air France), Julien McDonald (British Airways), Richard Tyler (Delta Airlines), Gianfranco Ferre (Korean Air), Pierre Cardin (Air India) and Peter Morrissey (Qantas) to have designed uniforms for major airlines around the world.

But who could forget it was Singapore Airlines who in 1968 enlisted the help of the legendary Pierre Balmain to design their cabin crew uniforms?


  • melissa kay says:

    How exciting for United Airlines! I can’t wait to see them.


    Melissa K.

  • Viet says:

    Glad to hear that the material will breath and hopefully the different shapes will be kept in mind. Looking forward to seeing the choices that are made available.

  • Anie says:

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