Heidi Klum designs a butterfly t-shirt for the US Open

Fashion and tennis cross paths again thanks to Heidi Klum. The model mum and Project Runway host has “hand crafted” a cute butterfly design for a official US Open 2008 t-shirt.

Retailing at $40, the t-shirt features a screen print of the butterfly design on a 100% cotton tee with Klum’s autograph printed on the back. Available at the US Open shop, a portion of the proceeds will go to
Unisphere, a non-profit organization which maintains Flushing Meadows-Corona park, home to the US Open.

Looks like we could see Klum in the stands when the US Open starts tomorrow. I wonder if she is a Roger Federer fan like Anna Wintour, or supports some of her fellow Germans in the form of Tommy Hass, Benjamin Becker, Philipp Kohlschreiber or Rainer Schuettler?

What do you think of Heidi Klum’s t-shirt design?


  • Chen says:

    The only people this design is going to appeal to are primary school aged girls. It looks like the designs on a lot of those stickers teachers give out- just the right species of insects and the right colours.

    I love Heidi and Runway though 😀

  • kat says:

    Yeah, I agree with what Chen said. I can’t see anyone older than teenage girls wearing it. I can’t believe the US Open is starting tomorrow, time flies!

  • Lizzie says:

    How cute… if you were 5. $40 is also a bit rich for one tshirt, even if it was “designed” by Heidi.

  • Ellen Hilburn says:

    I was at the Open and they must have sold out before the womens/mens finals because they were not available at the Octagon as indicated. I wanted to get one for a friend who would love it. I find it cheery and fun. I like the shirt a lot.

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