The Judith Leiber Cupcake Clutch, as seen in Sex and the City the movie

Firstly, how sweet was Charlotte’s little daughter Lily (played by Alexandra Fong) in the Sex and the City movie? Sure she was not so sweet when she took Carrie’s phone and put it in the most adorable cupcake clutch, but I wanted that clutch.

And now, we can all get one very similar if you have $4,295 spare.

The Leiber Strawberry Cupcake clutch was a limited edition release, covered in hand glued Austrian crystals and has since sold out on, but Lieber has since released two other Cupcake clutches that are just as sparking and sweet.

The brown chocolate like cupcake will set you back a hefty $4,295 while the floral one is $100 more at $4,395. Both measure in at 10” in diameter, 4.5” high with a detachable 6” drop strap.

While we know it fits a mobile phone, $4,295 is very pricey for a crystal clutch. Perhaps we should wait for the faux-crystal knock-offs?


  • Jessica Rae says:

    How much of a geek am I if I say: delicious! 😀

  • angelaseeangelablog says:

    cute! but it’s not very practicle.

  • GG says:

    It’s Leiber, not Lieber.

  • Star says:

    I love this bag!

  • Lizzie says:

    It’s so cute! And surprisingly big if you go by the size of it in the SATC movie – if it can fit a mobile phone.

  • Minjae says:

    Nice!! I also posted about this clutch on my blog but totally didn’t make the SATC connection, and one of the commenters pointed this out. Okay craving cupcakes again…

  • Annemiek says:

    I am looking for a cheaper alternative of this cupcake clutch, because I love it. Does anyone have an idea of where to buy a similar, but cheaper copy? Tnx

  • Helen Lee says:

    Hi Annemiek,

    Unfortunately I haven’t seen a knock off Leiber Cupcake clutch around – its not the easiest thing to copy I guess 🙂

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