Target’s bulls eye

Target has been under fire of late, first from Diane von Furstenberg’s legal team, and now from the blogging world over a ad which shows a young woman spreading her legs over the Target target.

Bullseye you might say.

According to Bloggers Blog, when questioned over it, Target simply replied that “Unfortunately we are unable to respond to your inquiry because Target does not participate with nontraditional media outlets,” a public relations person wrote to’s Amy Jussel.

Ah, so why are we blogging about all their up coming Go International programs like the Jovovich-Hawk and Converse One Star collaborations then?

After the New York Times (a traditional media outlet) got on the ringer, Target did say there could be room to move in the future.

“We do not work with bloggers currently,” said a company spokeswoman, Amy von Walter, who agreed to speak with this traditional media outlet. “But we have made exceptions, and we are reviewing the policy and may adjust it.”

Though, that still doesn’t explain the Target bullseye ad.

As one commenter said on the Flickr image, if they’re “targeting” what men want, then they’ve “scored” a bullseye.

[Via Bloggers Blog and Flickr]