Amy Winehouse a September US Vogue cover girl?

September issues of style magazines is usually the one which next season’s trends are predicted, and American Vogue is usually the issue most read due to the magazine being edited by fashion’s most powerful editor, Anna Wintour. Rumours are flying around the web that British jazz singer Amy Winehouse has been asked by Anna to appear on the September Vogue cover.

The photoshoot supposedly took place last month in Miami with photographer Bruce Webber. With Amy’s interesting style, big boufont hair and bold eyeliner, this could mean quite an edgy cover.

Though the rumour was started by British tabloid newspaper the Mirror, so who knows if it’s true.

What do you think?

[Edit Aug 6 2007: As it turns out, the rumors aren’t true. Instead Sienna Miller has scored the coveted September cover. I wonder if she will be pushing her Twenty8Twelve collection like she did in the August 07 issue of British Vogue]


  • Susan says:

    I think American Vogue is horrid!!!! There are 60 pages of ads before you see a table of contents! It’s not a magazine it’s a book of ads. Anna Wintour obviously doesn’t do much!!

  • Rosta says:

    I think it would be fabulous. I don’t care too much for Amy Winehouse but at least she has some edge. Vogue is an uppity conservative magazine with a lot of fashion that is quite boring. It needs spicing up. I think Lily Allen should be on the cover. :/

  • tary says:

    apparently the verdict’s out that the cover girl would be Sienna Miller, a Vogue favourite. However there’s a kinda of booklet (or whatever) that will used Amy Winehouse for its cover. That’s still a good start.

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