Wedge heels

Marissa – August 17, 2005

Wedge heels are sky high in popularity this season, mainly because, admit it, they are so cute. The best part by far is that they give your foot extra support and are actually comfortable enough for everyday wear.

Even celebrities are taking part in this trend, but why wouldn’t they? Designers like Marc Jacobs are designing beautiful wedge heels that I would love to own (if I had the money for them that is). You can pick up a pair of wedge heels of your own from places like Target for close to nothing that still look really nice.

Can you believe that wedge heels were first invented by the Italian shoe designer Ferragamo 70 years ago in 1936? Over time wedge heels were made from cork and wood, instead of just leather. Thus making wedge heels thrive even more into the 1940s.

Some may say the biggest challenge is trying to fit wedges into their every day wardrobe, but I disagree. Although wedges are mainly a summer shoe, you can also wear them in fall with possibly a capri pant and camisole. Summer is the funniest season for wedges though because you can wear them almost everyday. They look great with daisy duke style short shorts, skirts, and my personal favorite Bermuda shorts. Accessorize with some chunky jewelery and you have got an very chic outfit.

So when did this trend kick off?

Although wedge heels have been worn for quite awhile I would say they really started to be a fad in the first few monthes of spring.

When will it end?

Wedge heels haven’t been a popular trend for long, but since they’re not really a winter shoe they are will come in and out of season with a bit of ease.

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