Marissa – March 10, 2006


Vests are one of the “it” items this season. Browsing through runway pictures could easily prove this point, vests are a trend you should defintely take part in. After all if Kate Moss, Mischa Barton and Sienna Miller are sporting the look, you really can’t go wrong. Can you?

My favorite part of vests is that you can instantly make a drab outfit so fashionable. Yes, they definitly can look odd if worn wrong, but there are so many ways to look right when wearing them.

Vests look great when you wear them with jeans, khaki pants, and cords. You can wear a simple tee shirt underneath them or even a boho style shirt. Vests can completely dress up or down an outfit. They can be formal, but the vest style would have to be formal and vice versa.

I find that chunky beaded necklaces look great with vests. For shoes, anything is really open. I personally like to wear vests with ballet flats, but vests can work with anything from flip flops to cowboy boots.

Vests have been worn for a many decades, but mainly by men. Vests are yet another style that has been adapted from a mans wardrobe, like pants and shirts. Previously worn as part of a tailored garment, they were then made of black cloth and had a silk lining. Vests were a way that men showed off wealth. They would have beauiful buttons sewn on their vests. The nicer that materiel of the vest, the more wealthy you appeared.

Today, vests are worn and made from many different materiels. It is just as common to see black vests as it is to see tan or metallic ones. They’re also great in winter to add that extra bit of warmth to your outfit, just make sure you pick up a down filled.

So when did this trend kick off?

Vests are only just becoming popular now. Jump on the trend band wagon and buy a vest. This is one of those chances to get in on a trend before your friends do.

When will it end?

Well, because vests are only becoming popular now, vests should be a trend for up to two years. It is definetly a safe bet that if you buy one now, they won’t be out of style by next week.

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