Secrets for Flawless Makeup

Cristina Masci – May 10 2005

Applying makeup seems to mystify many people, which is why I’ve decided to share my insider makeup tips and secrets with you. You will be amazed at how easy it is to get picture perfect, flawless makeup every time.

Prepare, prepare, prepare
Want your makeup to go on flawless? Preparing the blank canvas is a crucial step in preparing your face for makeup. This means moisturising or using an under base. You will find your foundation glides on more easily and especially important for those with dry skin.

Buy the proper foundation
An off-color base will make every other cosmetic you apply look not quite right. Splurge on foundation and when trying to find the right shade, blend a little from your jaw line and down to the neck to make sure the colour blends with your neck. Don’t listen to those who try to tell you that you need apply a test patch to your inside of wrists. Your skin colour here is totally different to your face.

Let’s Cover Up
Want perfect coverage? Apply foundation first and then your concealer. Foundation will hide about 75% of all the discolorations you see on a bare face. Then just go in with concealers on the most obvious. You save time and product this way.

The eyes have it
Want eye shadow to be picture perfect all day? Before you apply shadow or liner, prime lids with a concealer on the lids and a little underneath the eye, blending with a sponge of foundation followed by powder. Not only will this even the tone of your eyelids, it will also make your shadows go on more smoothly and last longer.

Set makeup with loose powder
Loose powder is easier to control and more versatile than pressed powder. And it sets every type of cosmetic, from foundation to even lipstick and helps reduce shine. Choose a loose powder with a yellow undertone to ensure it works with your skin tone, and apply with a fluffy powder brush.

Use great brushes
Your makeup application is only as good as the brushes you use, because high-quality brushes allow you to apply and blend better than anything else. At a minimum, you need a fluffy powder brush, a flat eye shadow brush, a tapered blush brush, and a lip brush.

Blushing Beauty
Blush is a sure fire way to look 5 years younger, instantly. How? With the right color. Look for the most natural flush color you can find. Sweeping on cheek color in stripes in an effort to create cheekbones only succeeds in making you look dated and like you’re trying too hard. For a more classic, attractive look, apply blush to the apples of your cheeks in a circular motion, and avoid swiping the blush out toward your hairline.

Eyebrows give expression
Even if you wear no other makeup, keeping your brows groomed perfectly gives you an instantly polished appearance.
If yours need filling use and eyebrow pencil which is 1-2 shades lighter than your hair color. The same color can look too overpowering on a face and darker than your hair color is just too severe.

Lash Curling – make it an essential
Nothing opens up eyes more than curling the eyelashes. Make it easy by curling at the base of the lashes, hold for 10 seconds, walk 1/2 way out, and then curl for 10 seconds more. Always curl on clean lashes.

Mascara Basics
Want model length lashes? Do what the pros do. Apply mascara to the tops of the lashes as well as the underneath. Look down into your mirror, and brush your mascara wand on the upper side of your lashes…then look up and brush through again on the bottom side.

Lip Tip
Want a perfect lip line? Use your light brown eye pencil to line lips. Apply a bit more on the inside corners of the lip on both top and bottom to create a depth on the outside of the lips. Apply your lipstick or gloss over. You’ve just created a 3-d effect lip. Larger, brighter, fuller.

Cristina is a make up artist who loves sharing tricks and secrets of the trade. Her online beauty boutique Absolutely Gorgeous is filled with unique and beautifully packaged beauty brands for all to share.