PUMPS Greeting Cards

Helen Lee – April 12 2005

PUMPS greeting cards

Remember when you where little and first discovered you could make your own cards for people? You’d find a pretty piece of coloured cardboard, fold it in half, then draw a picture on the cover and give it to your mother or father, addressing it “dear mummy” or “dear daddy”.

These day’s you don’t give people cards unless it’s their birthday or some special holiday. But things are about to change.

Sabrina Morgan created a divine collection of PUMPS in 2002, an exclusive line of shoe themed greeting cards. PUMPS stands for “Patch Up My Pretty Soul”, and were created to inspire all women to walk “just like a pair of pumps. To walk taller, straighter and have more confidence in themselves”.

“I had to patch up my pretty soul. You can never really heal a loss or the trials that you have been through. You will still have your good days and bad days. But you must continue to strive on.”

The goal of Pumps Greetings is to inspire, uplift, and encourage women to live their dreams. Each card has a motivational phrase printed inside while on the front there is a gorgeous pair of heels. The cards were designed to speak to women’s everyday issues, and provide a pick me up in the form of one of women’s biggest vice’s – shoes. For only a fraction of the price!

Did I mention that cards are packed in sets of six and arrive in a mini shoe box? PUMPS are branching out into printed t-shirts, gift bags and mini shoe horn key chains.

So why not brighten up someone’s day with a PUMPS card?

To check out their extensive range of cards, visit: www.PumpsGreetings.com