MOR Cosmetics

Helen Lee – May 2005


Ever since I discovered MOR Cosmetics, I have never gone back. Some say The Body Shop makes a pretty damn good Body Butter, but MOR’s Body Butter rivals even The Body Shop’s one. Why? Because of the sheer variety of MOR. The yummy (though not edible) scents like Marshmallow, Nougat, Honey, and Sorbet make you wish it were edible. And it’s a quality Australian brand.

So what is MOR? Designers, Dianna Burmas and Deon Luretigh loved creating beauty products for their interior design retail store, and in 2001 they began mixing and blending modern and traditional ingredients. Soon the few products turned into an extensive collection of over 470 products, as well as a cult following aroung the world.

The MOR range consists of five main collections of fabulous beauty products, ranging from as many creams you could possibly imagine; from delicious body butters to light body soufflés and hand creams. All of MOR’s body creams are loaded with Shea Butter, to restore dry skin back to their silky best. Then there are the body polishes, soaps, bath soaks, body washes and bath pearls. Plus we can’t forget the lip nectars for to give you that come-kiss-me pout.

One of the hottest collection in the MOR range is the popular Dolce Vita collection. With Gelato flavours ranging from Limoncello, Sorbet, Marshmallow, Pistachio and Nougat in the girliest of pastel colours (well just the packaging!), you’re bound to find your favourite. Even Nicky and Paris Hilton were seen stocking up on these products on their recent trip down under in 2003.

Not into pastel colours and Gelato flavours? Then try the fruity Juice collection, or the Revival range, which is made from a blend of aromatic herbs and nurturing balms, there is also the earthy Provincial range, the de luxe SPA range and the new sparkly Glitterati range, which includes the vey popular Tahitian Bronzing Glow. With this many collections and products under one label, you’re sure to find on that you’ll love!

Our top picks:

Tahitian Bronzing Glow

Creates the perfect Tahitian glow all year round.

Nougat Body Butter

Smells yummy and leaves your skin silky smooth.

Sorbet Lip Nectar

Add some gloss to your day to smell and look gorgeous

Gelato Body Souffle

A light body cream that makes me crave ice cream.

Moroccan Shimmer Puff

Adds a golden shimmer for a bit of extra glamour

Revival Mini Butter’s

Perfect to carry around with you in your bag.

For more information go to, you can find out more about their products, or even shop online!