Marc Jacobs Stam bag

Marc Jacobs Stam Bag The Marc Jacobs Stam bag has been flying under the radar at the end of 2005. But that is understandable, keeping in mind that it did had some mean competition as an IT bag from the Chloe Paddington, Chloe Silverado and Fendi Spy bag in the last two years. But time has come for the Marc Jacobs Stam bag to shine.

Named after popular Canadian model, Jessica Stam, it has many stylish celebrities toting it around on their arms: Nicky Hilton (with collection of Stams in many different colours), Hilary Duff, Mary J Blige, Hailey Duff, Lindsay Lohan, Maria Sharapova, Dita von Teese and Kate Beckinsale have been snapped carrying this quilted bag all around the world.

Spend a few minutes on the Marc Jacobs Stam bag thread at The Fashion Spot, you will discover that many fashionistas all over the world spend hours discussing at length what colour Stam they should buy and where you can get the best deal.

So what’s to love about the bag?

Well there is the quilted grained leather, detachable chunky antiqued brass shoulder strap and oversized Marc Jacobs-inscribed kiss-lock clasp. The Marc Jacobs Stam has a urban modern look with a vintage Marc Jacobs twist.

The Stam bag with its vintage vibe and Chanel-esque quilted look comes in an array of colours – with even more released every season. The most popular is one is of course the hardest to come across, the Petrol Blue (as seen toted all over town by Lindsay Lohan).

As colours go, black is probably the most popular and versatile colour, while some known colours so far you can choose from black, taupe, khaki, chestnut, bordeaux, patent white, metallic silver, and cashew.

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So when did this trend kick off?

Since it first landed on the catwalk back at the Marc Jacobs Fall 2005 show (watch the video here). Celebrities were spotted toting around the bag a month or so later, sparking a trend that is still going strong. The following season Eva Longoria and Maria Sharapova were spotted carrying the ‘Baby Stam’ – a smaller clutch sized Stam bag, at the Marc Jacobs Spring 2006 show.

In 2007 Marc Jacobs tweaked the Stam bag with a patchwork design, enlisting Dakota Fanning for the advertising campaign. It was available in an array of metallic colours and styles but was never as popular as the original quilted design.

MJ Stam as soon on celebs

When will it end?

Designer quilted bags have been experiencing a bit of a revival of late and vintage inspired bags have had grown in popularity with Chanel’s 2.55 bag being one of the biggest beneficiaries. Marc Jacobs keeps the Stam bag fresh with new colours available every season and with his trademark style and impeccable detailing it’s hard to see the appeal of the Stam bag die in the next two or three years.

Don’t get tempted to buy any of the ‘designer inspired’ bags though. The PVC or fake leather really is a tacky look and people do notice bad quality when the bag falls apart after a few weeks.

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