Leggings and tights

Anna Vaughn – August 20, 2006


No longer are leggings and tights considered to be for people with a soft spot for the 80s. Leggings, tights and stockings are one of the most versatile trends that can take you from autumn and winter and into spring.

They can be paired with minis skirts, cropped pants, dresses, boots and more recently, cutoff shorts, the list is endless and so are the styles available, and not to mention who’s wearing them. From the classic opaques, to the patterned tights, there is something for everyone.

Celebrities from Scarlett Johansson to Kimberley Stewart and Sienna Miller are sporting tights in every shade, pattern and length. This versatility is what makes this trend suit everyone, whether you’re a boho chick like Mary Kate Olsen or a bit of a rock chick like Kate Moss.

Leggings, tights, and stockings are not only practical for keeping warm, they’re also popular for those who feel that their pins are not their best asset. According to SASSYBELLA.com Editor, Helen, some are also loving Prada‘s charcoal grey tights as seen on their 2006 Fall advertising campaign worn by Australian model, Gemma Ward.

Leggings, tights, and stockings are also becoming widely available, with many stores from the high-end fashion chains to your regular Target stores are stocking up, appealing to every budget.

The most popular style that’s most common at the moment is black footless tights or the stocking style full length tights. This is probably because black goes with everything, so naturally, they’re being worn with everything.

So when did this trend kick off?

It started when the cold weather hit during the Southern Autumn or the Northern Fall when everyone wanted to keep wearing their pretty floaty dresses by the weather wasn’t too kind on their legs. It was quite possibly helped by the fact that summer trends such as the mini and cutoff shorts hadn’t quite worn themselves out yet. And since fashion is completing another cycle, and we’re currently up to the 80s, it would make sense that one of the most recognizable trends would survive.

Legging it

Legging it: Jessica Alba, Sienna Miller, Lindsay Lohan, Kiera Knightley, Christina Aguilera, Nicky Hilton, Hilary Duff, Scarlett Johansson.

When will it end?

Some designers are being creative and this trend could last into spring. White tights may also become popular, as lace and other delicate fabrics are set to be a spring trend.

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