Jelly Kellys

Reese Witherspoon

Sarah Jessica Parker

Now where do I begin? If you’ve been reading my blog (around late last year) you would have read about these terrible rubber bags that am simply not fond of. Especially rubber versions of iconic designer bags. But admittedly they are a interesting trend nonetheless.

Firstly you’re probably wondering about the name, why ‘Jelly Kelly’? Well the material they are made from – rubber – is rather jelly like, and seeing as the trend began after a rather enterprising person began making rubber copies of the exclusive (and very expensive) Hermes Kelly and Birkin bags. So if you put two and two together you get Jelly Kelly.

So when did this trend kick off?

It started in late 2003 and is (unfortunately) still quite popular. Why? Probably because celebrities like Jennifer Aniston, Jennifer Lopez and Reese Witherspoon have been snapped around town carrying them, and even Sarah Jessica Parker was seen carrying a blue one in ‘Sex and the City‘. With trend setters like Kate Moss and Gywneth Paltrow seen carrying the real Hermes Birkin – quite like the bag’s namesake – Grace Kelly. Ms Kelly used to carrying a red Birkin during her pregnacy, often to shield her growing belly from the intruding photographers. She created such hype about the bag, Hermes named on after her!

Jelly Kelly Jelly Kelly Jelly Kelly

When will it end?

Right now would be good, along with the whole rubber bag craze. But while I think interest seems to be slowing, chain stores like GAP have been making rubber bags as part of their accessories collection. Not to mention they are all over Ebay! I’m hoping with Luella’s Giselle bag becoming so popular the Jelly Kelly craze will go away. But only time will tell. A friend of mine brought a hot pink Jelly Kelly not too long ago, while admitedly it is quite eye catching and hot, it does seem to be more of a fad than a trend.

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