Haircuts For Different Face Shapes

Helen Lee – 2003

Having a hard time finding a haircut that suits your face shape? Or you just want a change? You’re not alone, there are so many different hairstyles around and many others are completely lost when it comes to hair styles that suit you. Here are some basic pointers for each face shape. Remember to talk it over with your hairdresser before you do anything really drastic.

Remember to also take into account of the fact that you hair is different from everyone else’s, it might be longer, shorter, thicker, thinner, curly, straight, frizzy, etc.

Oval Face - Liv

Oval Face Shape
An oval face is almost egg like; your forehead and jaw are similar sizes with everything a smooth subtle shape.

If this is your face shape, then lucky you! You can wear most, if not all hair styles and look gorgeous. From a bob cut, layers, bangs/fringe, the Farrah Fawcett flip, have you hair long, short, full, or even none at all.

You can try long layers if you have long hair, bangs / fringe if you want to shorten the appearance of your face, or go for a cute little bob style. Flick through magazines and try and find one style that you want that suits you.

Heart Shaped Face - Kirsten

Round Face Shape
Is your face almost circular? You face is usually rounder and your facial features a little closer together.

Some hair styles tend to make you face look even fatter, so steer clear of blunt look cuts around the face.

With a round face you should look for hair styles that help create an oval appearance. Try soft layers around the face starting from the cheek area and keep your hair close to the side of your face. This hides the roundness of your face. Also try and avoid getting a blunt cut that sits higher than your neck.

Square Face - Model Gemma Ward

Square Face Shape
A square face has a strong and broad jaw line and forehead and there’s not as much distance between the temples and chin.

With a square face you would try to soften the edges of your face to give a softer appearance. Try something with soft wavy layers starting from your temples, or a thing fringe. If you have long hair it would look better if it was longer than your shoulders, if you want a shorter cut, think about what Courtney Thorne-Smith did with her hair. She cut it into a bob and had it layered all around.

With shorter cuts insist on layers that are above or below the jaw line. Layers or wispy looks often the look of your face.

Heart Shaped Face - Reese

Heart Face shape
A Heart shaped face is a face that is wider at the forehead and tapers out to a pointy chin. Think Reese Witherspoon. She has a heart shaped face.

These faces look better with a soft curly/wavy/full style. It helps create width around your chin area. If you go for a short look try something chin length, for longer hair try waves or curls that stay close to the face. A flat straight hair style may make your face appear small, wider or round.