Helen Lee – July 29 2006

Christina Aguilera
Nicole Kidman

While belts have been a trend for the past few years, over the upcoming season or two, belts should no longer be sitting happy at your hips. Belt yourself a waist by moving the belt up a few inches.

It’s the latest trend that has finally caught all around the world with women and girls who want to create the illusion of an hour glass figure.

Fashion magazines have been harking on about belts that are cinched at the waist since the YSL woven belt and the Fendi B belt hit the runways not so long ago. And boy has the Fendi B belt garnered a long list of fans since.

This is a trend that should suit everyone, in theory. But unfortunately this trend might not translate well for women with short bodies or stocky bodies because it exaggerates the waist line.

Cinching your outfit at the waist with a belt is a trend that has been widely accepted into everyday wear by fashionable woman around the world in fashion magazines, on the street and of course on your requisite handful of celebrities.

It’s easy to do it yourself with a wide patent leather belts, classic leather studded belts, or even just cinching their outfit at the waist with a pretty sash, this is a trend that brings out a woman’s femininity.

Cinch your jackets, cardigans and even t-shirts down with a belt. Just steer well away from the woven metallic belts. They can be purchased for a dime and they look it.

Wear the look with pretty pencil skirts and a blouse, and then dazzle them all at night with a super sleek and sexy patent leather belt for some va-va-voom. Keep the silhouette sleek and not messy by choosing to wear with a pretty dress of a top and skirt/jeans.

Below are some of our favourite belts available online…

Belts 1 - 4

1. Bebe Obi Belt,
2. Warehouse Suede Covered Buckle Belt

3. Ya-Ya Sway Thick Belt
4. Motif 56 Thick Waist Belt with Gold Buckle

Belts 5 - 8

5. Bebe Wide Patent Leather Belt
6. Delias Wide Studded Belt

7. Patent Horse Shoe Belt
8. Bebe Polka Dot Belt