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Too Fat for Fashion?

Laura Wasson August 27, 2008 4

Not everyone can be a size two, not everyone can even be a size ten, so how is it, in this world of excessive consumption and larger proportions, do so many women get shut

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Young Money Millionaires Go to Market

Laura Wasson August 22, 2008 1

When one thinks of an auction house, typically great works of art, royal jewels, priceless tchotchkes belonging to rich old ladies, and other such objects of refinement come to mind. But Simon de Pury,

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Karl Lagerfeld the Bear, available next month for only $1,500

Laura Wasson August 22, 2008 Comments Off

Karl Lagerfeld is certainly keeping occupied these days. If he isn’t designing a gorgeous collection for any one of the three labels he runs, he’s honing his photography skills, and appearing in video games.

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One Man’s Jeans are Another Man’s Treasure

Laura Wasson August 8, 2008 1

How many times have you gone through your closet while cleaning, only to find a pair of jeans or a shirt that stops you in your tracks and makes you think, ugh, why do

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Jovovich-Hawk: The End?

Laura Wasson August 6, 2008 2

It’s often said, that good things never last, and in the fashion world, that certainly could not be more accurate. With designers changing affiliations, lines suddenly folding, and the general commotion that has become

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Lancome Cleans Up with Oscillation Preview

Laura Wasson August 4, 2008 1

A new shade of nail polish from Chanel, a coveted compact from Estee Lauder; there are a few special items in the beauty world that set hearts a flutter, and now mascara from Lancome

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News bites: Did Marc Jacobs get married this weekend? And make up for men?

Laura Wasson July 30, 2008 Comments Off

Did Marc Jacobs get married this weekend? That’s the question on all fashion lovers’ lips right now. Rumors surfaced last week over on Fashionista that the golden-boy of the design world was going to

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Vera Wang’s Got the Look

Laura Wasson July 28, 2008 Comments Off

Few designers are as smart with their branding as Vera Wang. It’s hard to believe that she began in bridal, and was almost pigeon-holed in that field, before becoming a respected member of the

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Harajuku Lovers The Fragrance: The Continuation of Gwen Inc.

Laura Wasson July 26, 2008 Comments Off

Gwen Stefani must be one of the hardest working women in showbiz. Not only does she have a young son with hubby Gavin Rossdale, with another little rocker baby on the way, but she

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Love Karl Lagerfeld? He’s been one busy man

Laura Wasson July 24, 2008 Comments Off

It’s a rare fashion fan who doesn’t adore, or at the very least respect, the eponymous Karl Lagerfeld. He is one of the most recognized faces in fashion (seriously, if a straight guy knows

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