Lace as day wear – for the races and more

It’s spring racing season in Melbourne right now which means it’s the perfect time to get your elegance on with a lace dress or lace headpiece.

Lace is a fabric made of yarn or thread in a web like pattern and invokes feelings of ladylike elegance and delicacy. It’s the perfect spring fabric for weddings, races or even in your day to day wear.

But how do you wear it? Lace can be a bit tricky to wear as it is an open weave, it is often sheer and tied to thoughts of lingerie or bridalwear. The line can be a bit tricky to tow, but here are our top tips for lace pieces to add to your wardrobe.

Wear it as an accessory

Attending the races is the perfect excuse to pop on a lace (or lace inspired) headpiece to give a beautiful finishing touch to your look. Whether it is a head piece or a lace veil, it’s a softer way to add headwear to your racing outfit without having to wear a full on hat. Try the Morgan & Taylor one pictured above.

Wear a lace dress

Lace as day wear – and not as a wedding/bridesmaids dress – can be lovely option for spring and summer events. There are two ways to wear it, as a mini dress that is fun and sexy or as a floaty bohemian dress that invokes feelings of the 70s. Add a pair of amazing shoes and earrings and you’re set.

Wear it as a trimming or layer

If you don’t want to wear too much lace, another way is to buy pieces with lace details, whether it be as a peplum trim on a tshirt, cut outs trimmed in lace or layering a lace lined camisole under a man-style blazer. This gives a delicate addition to a tough look without having to wear too much lace.