Why you should wear a watch again

Watches are a timeless accessory- get it? Watches keep time. Ok, terrible jokes aside, I have always been a fan of the good old wrist watch. So much so I have dozens of them.

Long before our phones told us exactly what time it was in every city around the world, we relied on the classic wrist watch to tell us if we were running late (or early). It was a staple on the wrist for a long time.

With the rise of the mobile age, wrist watches have gone out of style – not that the likes of Apple and Samsung haven’t tried their best to modernise them with the Apple watch (and their collaboration with Hermes to make it “fashionable”) and various other smart watches. But with all the technology we are surrounded with every day, not to mention it’s another device I have to charge, I have steered clear of the smart watches so far.

Here’s 3 reasons why you should put your watch back on (or buy a new one) and make it your signature accessory.

  1. You can’t always grab your phone every time you want to know the time. It’s rude when you’re in an important meeting at work and your boss is also there. Or sometimes you have your hands full and can’t reach into your bag for your phone. Imagine being on a great date and the guy checks his phone – you can’t help but wonder if he’s bored of you, has another date lined up or has to go to bed early (without you). Imagine how you would feel in the same position. It’s much easier to subtlety check your wrist watch.
  2. Having a nice watch is a statement accessory. People notice these things – whether you have a beautiful vintage piece with a long family history or the latest trendy brand (think Daniel Wellington or Michael Kors), it tells people something about you. It also shows that you took the time into getting dresses in the morning, just like jewellery can complete an outfit, a watch adds that timeless touch. To your arm without the need to adorn yourself with shiny bangles or rings which may not be appropriate for work.
  3. This is kind of stating the obvious but phones die. When your phone is out of battery and you have nowhere to charge it, but still have to make it to that 4pm meeting – how will you know what time it is?

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Do you wear a watch? Is it a leather band or bracelet band?