7 Brilliant Tricks Shy Guys Use To Talk To Girls

Description Anyone can make the first move, shy guys are no different. Read on to discover the best tricks shy guys can use to talk to girls.

Talking to women can be a daunting prospect and some guys may well feel the pressure a bit more than others to make the first move. However if there is a girl you like, and you think you are too shy to take the initiative then see our top tips to talk to girls.

Group Action
I know what you’re thinking but this isn’t as rude as that yet! I am suggesting stay in your group of friends with the girl you like, or join a social group that your crush is in. This way the pressure of one to one time evaporates. Spending time with the girl you like in a group setting can allow you to lay the foundations of getting to know each other and having a quick flirt without the fear of going in there all guns blazing.

Accept Your Challenge
It’s no good just thinking “well I can’t do this I will just give up”. You must accept your challenge and allow yourself to make mistakes, learn from them and move on closer to your goal. By trying different techniques or breaking the ice in some way will all be a learning curve for you. Don’t expect perfection or success at the first try, keep up the good work, develop your approaches and read on for further advice!

Don’t stand in the spotlight
By taking the spotlight off yourself you are relieving the pressure instantly. If you put pressure on yourself by setting deadlines such as “I must talk to her by the end of the day”, or “I need to speak to her before she forgets about me” then you are creating tension that you’re not comfortable with. Shy guys don’t need the spotlight. Join a class that she is in, or take lunch when she takes lunch in work use little steps to make big progress. By not creating pressures on yourself allows the development of your approach with the girl you fancy much more organically, this will make you seem much more genuine and confident.

Slowly But Surely
Take the easy route shy guys, there is no need to make this any harder on yourself. Within your group of friends find out what she likes and dislikes, speak to her friends too, this can be an easier way of obtaining information. Let your trusted friends know you like her and start to build up an interest. Isolating yourself one to one or expecting a direct answer to a direct dating question may well put you on the spot. Us shy guys don’t like being put on the spot. Use your friends and her friends as a support network to gather momentum and confidence.

Move On
I don’t mean throw your toys out of the pram and walk away. I also don’t mean burn your bridges with the girl you like. What I do mean is to keep your options open! Gather interest in more than one girl, float between classes, groups, social events and show your face at social gatherings where these two or three girls may be at. This way not only are you increasing your chances but your increasing the opportunity to speak with these girls. Don’t keep it personal and put all your time and effort into one girl, get out there and explore all of your options.

Be Friendly
I don’t mean be friend zoned! But I do mean speak with them often, discuss topics of interest and things you have in common. This takes the pressure of shy guys because you can now talk about topics you’re interested in, as long as she has similar interests. Finding out what common ground you both have and sticking with this to start is the platform you need to build a bigger and flirtier relationship.

A well placed compliment can go a long way. If you are shy then a genuine well placed compliment can sometimes be easier to produce than trying to stick to the ‘rule book of flirting with hot girls’. Noticing their hair cut, stating that they are good at their job or asking if they have been on holiday because you like their tan can often leave lasting good impressions on a girl. Girls like compliments, not too many, but when they are ready to hear something nice, they will be back for more!