Tips for buying vintage fur

There is always much debate over whether one should own fur. While personally I don’t need any fur pieces since I live in a mild climate country, I have seen some beautiful vintage furs being worn for special occasions and to keep protected from cold weather.

One of my favourite things to do when I had spare time was to trawl vintage stores (and regular retail stores), but one thing I did notice that buying vintage as opposed to buying off the rack, is that you can’t beat the quality of the pre 1970s. Higher quality materials were used and clothes were constructed to last. Polyester came into popularity in the 1970s and then the rise of disposable fashion.

Vintage furs are along the same vein, but how would you go about buying one?

Things you should check for when buying vintage furs:

  • See if the fur and its leather have a brittle feel, if it does then don’t buy it. Dry skins and leather means it hasn’t been stored properly and isn’t worth a high price tag as brittle leather will fall apart sooner rather than later. Fur and its leather should be soft and supple.
  • Look out for discolouration which means it has been exposed to sunlight and also not well stored. Discolouration shouldn’t be a turn off but something to keep I mind.
  • Be wary of shedding. Some shedding is normal but if a lot of hair is falling off the piece, then it could be a sign the leather is brittle and has dry rot, meaning it will deteriorate even faster.
  • Make sure you pick it up from a reputable reseller Preferably a fur reseller who has already checked the quality and condition of the garment. It will save you a lot of drama.

Once you have a lovely vintage fur coat to call your own, check out these tips for fur storage and cleaning.

Do you have a favorite vintage store you love to trawl? Let us know below!