Beauty Tips for A Fresh Look The Day After A Night Out

So you had a night out and may have overdone it—hey, those free shots weren’t going to drink themselves! But when that alarm for work goes off, and you realise you look like you’ve been hit by a truck, it’s time to do some serious damage control. So, how do you go from zero to passable without turning back the clock?

These quick, easy tips will give you a fresh face the morning after, so it’ll almost be like the night never happened. At least, that’s what you’ll tell your boss.

1. Drink Water

This might not sound like a beauty tip, but drinking tonnes of water is the key to fresh, glowing skin—especially after a night out when your body is probably extra H20 deprived. You can’t drink enough water the day after a party; set hourly targets for yourself using markings on your water bottle or try these handy tricks, and you’ll notice you not only look more refreshed and awake but feel way better too.

2. Cold Shower

A quick fix for puffy skin and redness? Skip the eighth snooze button and take a cool shower for as long as you can stand it to help invigorate your skin and improve circulation. It’ll also trick you into looking more alert, so you might even get away without telling anyone at work you had a late night.

3. Moisture

If you have time the next morning, give yourself a good scrub and apply a hydrating mask to your face. Your skin will recover much-needed moisture and nutrients, so you look less like Frankenstein and more like yourself again. Afterwards, slather on your most expensive and thickest moisturiser, and work it in longer than you normally would. Your poor, dehydrated skin will greedily soak it all up, and the mini-massage will help your blood circulate and reduce the puffiness. Instead of thick, heavy foundation, consider using a tinted moisturiser to help keep your skin hydrated and bright throughout the day.

4. Eyes

When you’re tired, extra makeup doesn’t help. In fact, it can actually make you look even more tired. Your best bet is to focus on making your eyes pop, so stick to the basics after a night out: curl your eyelashes, use some lengthening mascara, avoid any eyeshadow or eyeliner, and maybe even use a white pencil on your water line for extra perky eyes. The result? Bright eyes and a quicker beauty routine.

5. Colour

Now it’s time to bring some colour back into your dead, lifeless cheeks (just kidding, but not about the colour). Dab a brightening blush onto your cheekbones (powder can sit heavy on your dehydrated skin), and give your lips a light touch of colour. Opt for a soft pink or coral to complement your natural skin tone, without being overwhelming or harsh. Avoid bright reds or anything with a purple undertone, as they can wash out your skin and give you a corpse-like appearance. Unless that’s the look you’re going for, in which case, paint away!

6. Highlighter

For the ultimate secret weapon, bring out your favourite highlighter. Keep it light, and dab some above your cheekbones, in the inner corners of your eyes, and under your eyebrow arches. You’ll give yourself some much-needed brightness without going overboard, and look a lot more alive than you did when you woke up (not that it’s hard to do).

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