How to turn up your Instagram game with a Hasselblad for your phone

Photos have become such a huge part of our lives. They say a photo can say a thousand words, well a great Instagram photo can get you a thousand likes. After all if no one likes you photo does that mean no one has seen whatever amazing thing you’re wearing/ate/visiting?

We’re constantly on the hunt for new camera/phone technology that makes photo taking a breeze without carrying around a full DSLR set up all the time. We were recently in Las Vegas for CED courtesy of Lenovo and one first product that went straight to the top of our wishlist was the new Motorola Moto Z smartphone. We usually don’t lust about new phone often, but we were blown away by the collaboration with Hasselblad to really up the smartphone camera game. But more on that later.

What drew up to the Moto Z was the fact it is one sexy and razor thin phone (which is a good thing in the tech game – unlike runway models). At just 5.2 mm it is currently the world’s thinnest premium smartphone. It has crazy amazing specs like an awesome screen with lots of pixels, a superfast processor, lots of RAM, a long lasting battery, fast charge and the option for expandable memory (if you like specs, check them out here).

So let’s talk camera. The Moto Z comes with a high-resolution 13MP, f 1.8 camera with optical image stabilization and laser autofocus. It has a front-facing 5MP camera with an extra front flash and a wide angle lens for great selfies. But wait, didn’t I mention something about Hasselblad?

This is where we talk about how Motorola has change the game with Moto Mods, where you can transform your smartphone into an entirely new device. You just attach a Moto Mod and you’re device is suddenly a great Hasselblad camera, a great sound system with a powerful JBL speaker or a Projector.

Moto Z Hasselblad

The Hasselblad mod adds advanced imaging functionality to your phone thanks to its 10x optical zoom. It also takes a hella crisp photo. We tried it. We wish we had one when we went to the Grand Canyon 2 days after falling in love with the Moto Z and the Hasselblad Mod. The design of this Mod also took into account of the much-love Hasselblad design style and ergonomics, making it really easy to use thanks to things like physical shutter and zoom controls, as well as having the option to shoot in RAW format.

Seriously. What more could you want in a phone to take your Instagram game to the next level? Adding this one to our wish list now. That and the Kate Spade power bank Moto Mod comes to Australia.

Moto Z KateSpade

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