Really Clean Hair: A Head & Shoulders review


Oils are great for your hair – to give the dry ends of your hair a moisture boost. What isn’t great, is having a scalp that gets irritated and oily after a day of washing it. That is the problem I often face when I try new shampoo’s and conditioners. So when I was asked to review the Head & Shoulder’s Clean & Balanced 3 Action Formula Shampoo and Conditioner, I jumped at the opportunity.

I have been using Head & Shoulders on and off for many years, in between trialling shampoo and conditioners that create volume, tone down my lightened ends, make heat styling easier… and a myriad of other supposed perks.

But each time I have come back to Head & Shoulder’s because my scalp gets irritated, oily and my hair gets a build-up of product so I need to give it a good clean. Often when people see me buying the shampoo & conditioner or see the tubes in my bathroom, they assume I need it because of dandruff. But I use it because my scalp gets irritated sometimes and I love using it to help get rid of the build-up of oil and hair product. It’s just a versatile product that goes beyond its initial intend purpose of keeping dandruff at bay.

Even my sister, who suffers from psoriasis, loves it because it’s a great line for her flakey scalp. The formulation doesn’t further irritate her sensitive skin and gives her clean hair of days.

Head & Shoulders’ Clean & Balanced 3ActionFormula helps give the hair and scalp the clean it needs as well as protecting against build up and dandruff. The pH-balanced formula means that your hair isn’t left dry, instead it feels fresh and is easy to manage.

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  • Suji says:

    You are right I am using head & shoulders last 2 years. i used many shampoos but there is no like head & shoulders. I really love it and i also gave suggestion to use it.

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