Vintage Fashion: How To Shop For Quality Pieces

Vintage is by no means new; it needs no further introduction. Vintage clothing is deeply rooted in the fashion industry for several decades. It is from an era than the current one. Vintage denotes something special; it can be explained as an item that has strongly stood the test of time as well as verified to remain relevant in another age too with its so many fine features —timelessness of style, historical or cultural significance, pleasing to eye and interesting provenance.

Even if such clothing belongs to different epoch, the exigency of high quality vintage clothing is rapidly burgeoning in the current phenomenon too and shows no sign of stopping anytime soon. It won’t be unfair to say that vintage clothing has become the hottest fashion trend of the 21st century. The idea of vintage fashion is fast gathering fame and settling nicely on the high street stores and online showrooms. From the girl on the high street to a supermodel or a Bollywood celeb; everyone is a crazy fan of wearing vintage style but what is the reason behind the inclination of the world towards vintage fashion.

Let’s Find Out the Cause of the Global Vintage Epidemic!

The ever increasing inclination of the youth towards vintage fashion is probably due to three factors; i.e.

  1. The individualism of vintage styled clothes is a real attraction to catch the attention of fashion forward females. Moreover, the high street clothing range always follows the seasons’ trends.
  2. The uniqueness of the apparel is the other appealing trait of such styled outerwear as you would hardly see someone flaunting on the same or a similar outfit as yours while dressed up in vintage styled.
  3. The proven popularity of vintage clothing also lies on its beautiful, delicate, detailed and magnificent ladylike styles.

Fashion is a rolling ball and this statement goes very true with vintage style as people of all the ages and all the era love to explore the history of fashion with their explicit dressing sense!

Shopping for Vintage Wear:

Vintage shopping can be one of the greatest joys of life for serious fashion fans. Even if you’re not in the fashion market for finding a high-end pre-owned piece, Myntra fashion clothing on discount compels vintage lovers to compliment their closet with a few pieces of vintage goodies in order to accentuate the worth of an ordinary wardrobe.

After crossing all the thrill of the hunt, you will realize that there are a few things as gratifying as unearthing an exceptionally incredible piece of another era. However, finding a dreamlike deal on your vintage clothes shopping is quite fiddly and frankly overwhelming. Nevertheless, by shopping online with discounts, you can somehow solve this trickiness.

Let’s have a look at some of the tips and tactics offered by the fashion forager on how to buy vintage clothing like a pro:

  • Start with A Classic:
    If you are a neophyte on your vintage wear shopping, it is wise to seek out something special and classic. Opt for something basic and timeless that can be worn over and over again without losing its luster right away.
  • Know Your Eras:
    It goes without saying that the easiest era to shop for your favorite vintage apparel is the ones closet to now. There would certainly be more than the expectation to choose from.
  • Why Prefer Vintage to Modern:
    Naturally, a quality vintage wear costs as much as current couture then why would someone invest in a pre-owned item over a brand new? The answer is quite simple – because it’s probably made better that can be passed on generation to generation. As per the general rule of thumb the older the piece the higher the quality; especially for higher designer pieces. It comes with more handwork, more attention to details and more durable features that can rarely be seen in any contemporary fashion outfit.
  • Feel The Fabric:
    Odds are optimum that you may fall in love with a beautiful beaded dress without checking the quality of fabric. Don’t miss to check it or don’t ever compromise over this point; it always needs to be in good condition. “I always like to touch the clothing so as to feel the fabric and make sure that it still has life in it.” There’s definitely nothing more heartbreaking than splurging in something that doesn’t meet your taste. If the apparel seems cracking, falling apart or fading, it’s wise to leave it.

By keeping the above explained techniques in mind while shopping for vintage clothing, nothing could possibly go wrong and you will certainly come up with the glamorous high quality vintage dresses to beautify you and your wardrobe!