Teeth Whitening:Philips Zoom White Speed – Most requested professional Teeth Whitening system worldwide.

Everyone wants to have a beautiful smile, after all it is sometimes the first thing anyone notices about a person. And having a beautiful smile often starts with having beautiful teeth. Which is why many of us can be self conscious about the colour of our teeth and start using teeth whitening toothpastes and at home treatments – or consider going to the dentist and getting our teeth whitened. Which in our opinion is the more ideal method, it’s quick, instant , safe, dramatic results and a trained professional is doing it.

Before you start thinking that teeth whitening is simply turning your discoloured teeth to a bright Photoshopped-Hollywood white, most dentists use the Phillips Zoom White Speed to dramtically whitenen your teeth by 8- 15  shades. A youthful , radiant, dazzling white smile that oozes good health and vitality. Unlike other cosmetic teeth procedures, tooth whitening has proven to be a very effective procedure for dramatically whitening brightening up the existing colour of your teeth and it does not involve the removal of the tooth surface or cause any damage to it.

Teeth discolouration is something that is very hard to avoid in our day to day lives. Diet, medication,age all contribute to tooth discolouration. And this is where teeth whitening can really help.

Pitt Street Dental Centre are experts in this field of dentistry. Philip Zoom White Speed or Zoom 4 is the latest and by far the most effective. LED technology, sensitivity control panel, shorter time in the chair and delivering the Wow Factor! An easy confident decision for you to make Philips Zoom White Speed at Pitt Street Dental Centre.

Results are achieved in only one visit. Preformed by a dental professional this amazing system works on everyone provided you have your natural teeth. A protective cover is placed over your gums and a hydrogen gel is applied to your teeth activated with the LED light. This is repeated for a total four times.

A dramatic shade difference in the one appointment makes this amazing teeth whitening system the worlds no.1 requested professional whitening system.

Male and females all for their own reason, looking for love, getting married, getting divorced and need a pick me up, going for a job interview, corporate life or simply want to look years younger instantly, Philips Zoom White Speed is the way to go.

The results can last for many months or years but of course this depends upon your  general dental hygiene and eating habits. We recommend a whitening tooth paste to keep the stains from building up and use a touch up kit provided to maintain the brilliant white results. This is used as you wish depending on your lifestyle.

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How to avoid staining your teeth after teeth whitening

Stains on your teeth can be caused by aging, medication and also it’s our daily habits that cause teeth staining. Here is a list of things you should consider cutting down on:

  • Smoking (or stopping entirely for your overall health)
  • Soft drinks
  • Teas
  • Coffee
  • Dark-coloured fruits and vegetables

In-Office teeth whitening: Advantages

  • You get the fastest, safest results with Philips Zoom White Speed in-office teeth whitening.
  • Gum and tooth sensitivity were earlier considered to be setbacks in in-office whitening but these can be easily controlled today with advanced dentistry practices (use of denser peroxide gels and desensitizers)

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Your first step to looking and feeling great!