MBFWA: Toni Maticevski Resort 2017 – the good, the bad and the sparkles

The scene was set at The Cutaway at Barangaroo for the start of Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Australia, marble runway, check. A large showing of the serious fashion pack out in force? Check. And one of Australia’s hottest designers ready to show? Check.

Ask anyone what they thought of the opening show at MBFWA and they will gush about how Toni Maticevski’s Resort 2017 collection was beautiful, amazing, stunning, or some other praising adjective. But when it comes down to it, the collection wasn’t Maticevski’s best, but there were some standouts to the show, and some things that made us wonder.

The Beautiful


There is beauty in darkness, and this was certainly a darker Maticevski show that we’re usually treated to. Think his trademark billowing silhouette after a few days of running in a dark forest away from some S&M nightmare with deconstructed blazers, dresses and trousers. Without delving completely in the world of S&M, his collection walked a fine line between bondage inspired looks and beautiful buttery yellow gowns with icy blues and metallic gold and silver looks.

The Questionable


As the show was darker than usual, it took a while for us to process our thoughts, but if someone could please explain why some looks at additional extras, like baroque brocade tails? Obviously it’s a styling addition and not for retail sale right?

The Technology


Did you know Maticevski set some models down the runway with spherical cameras slipped seamlessly into the show? The cameras were integrated together with show sponsor Lenovo so viewers watching the live stream at home could watch the show from a dozen or so different angles at once. The 360-degree cameras, powered and hosted by Lenovo on their Yoga Tab 3 Pro, were streaming live backstage, with the footage made available to fans wanting to watch the show online.

“The cameras give a unique perspective to the show as people are going to be able to view a 360-degree view of the runway,” Maticevski said, according to 9News.com.au. “Therefore bringing them a model’s perspective, which introduces a new dimension to the show.”

And the S&M Sparkles


I love a designer collaboration, so when I found out Maticevski had teamed up with Ryan Storer to create jewellery for the runway, I knew we were in for something amazing. We were not disappointed with the models walking on pencil-thin heels down the runway with their hands shackled behind their back by crystal Ryan Storer handcuffs or gagged by crystal balls. Of course there was a twist on Storer’s trademark ear cuffs. Beautiful. I hope these pieces are put into production for retail sale.

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Watch the full show below:

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