MBFWA Resort 2017: The hair trends to nail by summer

One of my favourite things about fashion week is going backstage and seeing the masters at work – the hardworking designers frantically putting finishing touches to their looks, makeup artists put makeup on a model like they were painting the Mona Lisa and of course the hair stylists creating everything from casual looking waves to intricate braids and details on models hair. So many hands and hours of work goes into each look that will spend around than 10 minutes on the runway that we just had to go back and have another looks at the hair styles you need to nail by next summer.

To hard? Well of course we have the how-to guides from the hair masters themselves.

The Casual Low Bun


As seen at Christopher Esber

Hair Director: Jenny Kim for KMS California

The was one of our favourite looks ad required only THREE hair products and a blow dryer. So incredibly achievable at home without needing 8 arms and to spend $300 on hair products.

  1. Prep the hair roots to ends saturating sections with KMS AddVolume Root & Body Lift and KMS Silk Sheen Polishing Serum before lightly blow drying (max 50%) using hands only…redirecting hair back and off the face.
  2. With hair still slightly damp, scrape hair back into a subtle side part with fingers only and secure into a low ‘pony’ just above the nape using a 30cm length of hat elastic (wrap around twice, and double knot leaving excess for second tie-off).
  3. Split pony into 2 sections and tie into a simple knot…using excess elastic to secure.
  4. Hide elastic with excess hair using fringe pins as required.
  5. Finish off by lightly misting hairline and ends with Hair Stay Anti-Humidity for a light sheen.

Photography: Alex Chapman / Simon Capon

The Hair Knot / Braid


As seen at Daniel Avakian

Hair director: Maire Cain for Goldwell

A slightly dressier version of the bun above, this look is perfect for pulling your hair back for evening drinks after a day at the beach.

  1. Apply Goldwell StyleSign Power Whip generously from roots to ends
  2. Dry back off the face and maintain us much movement as possible.
  3. To add additional move use a regular flat iron to create effortless undone movement.
  4. Depending on length of models hair, they will have either the dropped plait or loose knot.
  5. For the plait keep the hair low and floppy and fasten with hair buckle.
  6. For the knot fasten hair into a low pony with elastic and then wrap hair into single knot at the base of the pony tail. Secure with minimal bobby or u-pin.
  7. Refine texture with Goldwell StyleSign Unlimitor or Goldwell StyleSign Magic Finish

Photography: Esteban La Tessa for Goldwell

The Twisted Pony Tail


As seen at Cynthia Rowley

Hair Director: Richard Kavanagh for Redken

Who doesn’t love a good pony tail? Well here’s one with a difference that doesn’t have the difficulty levels of a braid while still looking beautiful and will leave waves in your hair after you take it out.

  1. On clean, damp hair, layer GUTS 10 Volume Spray Foam and blast until completely dry. Add a uniform sprinkle of Redken POWDER GRIP 03 Texturizing Hair Powder.
  2. Split hair into two sections at the back and sweep around to one side. Twist both sections in an anti-clockwise direction. Then cross them over each other in a clockwise direction… twist and cross repeatedly until you reach the ends and have created a two-strand rope braid.
  3. Finish the look with a delicate mist of Redken TRIPLETAKE 32 Extreme High-Hold Hairspray.

Photography: Beauty Directory

The Braids


As seen at Bondi Bather

Hair Director: Philip Barwick for Redken

Braids. Even the word alone makes me shudder. But for a style that lasts all day, from a morning workout to a day at the office and dancing on table tops at night, this one is a keeper. So as they say, practice makes perfect, so practice this look so you’re ready for summer.

  1. On clean. Air-dried hair, apply Redken PILLOW PROOF Blow Dry Primer and Redken ROOTFUL 06 and then blow dry directionally up at the sides and back from the face.
  2. Part the hair down the middle into two separate sections from the front hairline to the nape. Apply Redken BRAID AID 03 Defining Lotion to enable manageability and grip. Create two 3-strand braids that sit high along the crest of the head. The braids should begin above the corner of the eyes.
  3. Continue to braid until you reach the ends and then spray the ends with new Redken TRIPLE TAKE 32 Extreme High-Hold Hairspray. Fix the ends with the heat from a flat iron to create an uninterrupted look.
  4. To complete the look, pinch and fray small amounts of hair to create undone, beachy texture and spray with Redken WIND BLOWN 05 Dry Finishing Spray.
  5. When the desired texture is achieved, finish with Redken TRIPLE TAKE 32 Extreme High-Hold Hairspray.

Photography: Beauty Directory