5 Easy Tips to Achieve the Salon Like Look at Home

Many a time we are invited to a party or a big event and it is required of us to get there in our best looking self. This requires not only the best dress or the best shoes but also the perfect makeup. The perfect look can never be easily achieved without those perfect strokes on your cheeks. As much as we can afford going to these high end salons for our perfect touch of makeup, we know that it becomes difficult with each visit. This doesn’t meant that we should completely give up the idea of applying the perfect makeup on our face just because we can’t afford. We must, instead, try and learn some new ways through which we can get the salon inspired look right at our own house done entirely by ourselves without even thinking about spending an extra buck.

That being said, here are a few tips that you can use to get the salon like look at home:

  1. Foundation: This product is the most important thing and should be your best friend when it comes to doing flawless makeup. When picking the right bottle of foundation, make sure that the shade you are buying is the closest to the tone of your skin. This helps you blending the foundation perfectly with your skin without leaving any discolored patches.
  2. Eye Shadow: The trick behind getting the perfect eye shadow done is to make sure that you use the shade which is in direct contrast to the color your dress. If you initially start by applying it with a flat brush and then blending it with a dome-shaped brush, your eye-shadow will turn out to be more than perfect. Australia Coupon Codes can help you in buying the best eyeshadow by providing you with the right discounts on each of the products.
  3. Eye-liner: The next big thing on the list was obviously the use of an eye-liner because it is absolutely necessary to use it if you want to flaunt those big and beautiful eyes of yours. You can utilize a business card to trace out the shape of your eye and then use it to wing your eyeliner in the perfect curve which is trending a bit too much these days.
  4. Highlighting and contouring: You can easily perfect the art of contouring and highlighting by applying it right where you see the hollows on your face and also by using a shade that is two shades darker than your skin tone in order to highlight it perfectly and give you a smooth look. These products can sometimes be extremely costly and end up burning holes in your pockets. You can simply get them for a much cheaper price if you make use of Beginning Boutique Coupons.
  5. Lipstick: In the end you only need to put up your favorite lip color and dust a bit of powder over your lips from over a tissue paper in order to make your lip color last the entire day.