How to tell if a fringe will suit you in 20 seconds

Whether you call it a fringe or bangs, you have often contemplated cutting your hair so that you have a new look. Now, before you go grabbing your scissors and doing a DIY job in under 20 seconds, keep reading.

Things to consider when you get a fringe

Will you wash your fringe more than you wash the rest of your hair?  A fringe picks up the natural oils from your face and will get oilier quicker than the rest of your hair. Are you organised and diligent enough to go back to the hair dresser for a fringe trim ever 3-4 weeks? Because once it covers your eyes you have to decide whether you want to grow it out of maintain it with regular hairdresser visits. Not the biggest deal financially if your hairdresser offers free fringe trims inbetween visits, you just have to get there and make a mini appointment.

Personally, I would be answering no to both of those questions. I have been there and done that – the one time my awesome hairdresser actually let me cut a fringe. That was until he knew how bad I was at coming in to see him, even though I lived 2 minutes away.

But I want a new look!

I always get fringe envy when I see a girl with rocking bangs – Zooey Deschanel anyone?

And then I found a solution

Initially when clip on hair extensions came out I often wonder if I could make a makeshift fringe by cutting it short and pinning it to the front of my hair. But let’s be honest I have zero hair dressing skills. So when Lady Jayne launched clip on fringes a while back, they were on my to-buy list for ages. I finally got my hands on one, and 20 seconds after unboxing it, I had a fringe! It comes as a blunt front area with whispy longer sides to let it blend into your hair with ease, and the best thing about the Lady Jayne ones is that you can heat style them with a hair straightener to suit the look you’re going for.


Is that all?

Yes that is all, though I have found that with the heavy hair look, your other features can often fade into the background, so we always suggest you add some eye liner, we love Bobbi Brown’s Gel Liner, and a sexy red lipstick. I’m wearing the same make up in the photos below of me with a fringe and without – looks like I am wearing barely any in the fringed look!


What do you think?

Let’s be honest, I picked out some pretty cute photos of me with a fringe for this story, there were some ghastly ones of me on a weird angle with a double chin and silly expressions. So I understand why my hairdresser tells me the only fringe I should get cut is a whispy side swept fringe. But this is definitely a bit of fun from time to time – without the constant fringe washing and hair dresser visits.


Should I rock the clip on fringe more often?