Workout Clothes to Wear At Work

Who says work wear has to be a zillion shades of grey and beige? Many of the ladies would have thought of bringing in some bright shades, but how convenient would it be to carry out workout attire to work. That’s not exactly aimed at curtailing expenditures on work wardrobe but still a splendid idea to be more chic than usual. Who knows that might just stir up your work mood and get you in the energized every morning. Pulling off workout wear at work is an art in itself but with careful planning and selection of choices it could be mastered with ease without much effort.

1. The Multipurpose Tunic Tops

FableticsSpur of the moment decisions often involve selection of top while you head for work- or snoozed the alarm for too long. How about hopping into one that works well for both, your work environment and for hitting the gym afterwards? Try different shades and brands for tunic tops that come in cuts and style to work as dual functioning wardrobe essentials.

2. The Pants Are Great Companions if…

No one can deny the importance of perfectly fitted pants- for work attire or gym wear. And how amazing the idea could be to wear the same for both. Try out pants with patterns that give out a sober and corporate look with their patterns and shades so they could easily be worn to the meetings and daily work hours could get more comfortable in your favorite ones.

3. Carry A Blazer

A blazer never hurts at work and definitely looks cool on a hard working gym day too. A blazer that speaks professionalism with monotonous shade and a sleek look could be the perfect work attire while accompanying you to the gym as well (before or after, up to you). A blazer is also comfortable, breathable, and stretchy, working well in any atmosphere without suffocating you. Consider shades that work well in your office environment (if that’s no restriction, you might just go funky). Dressy and classy without much of pressing needed, it’s one of the easiest and simplest pieces of outfit for any type of the day.

4. Layer Your Dress

Show you’ve spent time and effort in getting ready without flaunting much either. Layering the dress with the right fabric, hues, and design could give a lasting impression at work as well as during workout sessions. Go for fast drying and breathable fabric and accessorize the attire with the elegant stuff to make it work in both the worlds.

Get ideas on layering dresses here.

Fabletics is getting great reviews for the amount of effort pooled in the design and quality that could be worn for both work and workout sessions. Try out the amazing designs that are  elegant and fun and make the coziest of your outfits a part of your busy schedule so you get the luxury of comfort amalgamated into formal wear.