Christmas Gifts for the Fitness lover

We all have that friend who works out regularly and looks a-maz-ing. Then we have that friend who begrudgingly works out and needs a dose of inspiration to keep them moving – it is bikini season AND the holidays here in Australia. Parties and beaches don’t quite mix well with my wardrobe, so workout is a must. So we rounded up some of the best fitness accessories and gear from around the internet for your own wishlist or for that fitness addict friend.

The non-fitness fitness accessories


Let’s face it, fitness accessories can look a little…. Uncool. Rubber bands for your Fitbit may be practical but you would really prefer something a little more stylish. Well the folks at Tory Burch have you sorted with their Fitbit Pendant necklace and Fitbit leather bracelet. Both feature a luxe gold-plated enclosure for your Fitbit Flex while the necklace sits on a chain and the bracelet sits on a leather strap – fashionable and disguised so the whole world doesn’t know you’re tracking your steps and workouts. For your water we love S’well bottles for their insulation that keeps beverages cold for 24hrs and hot for 12hrs, also the bottles are BPA free, made from stainless steel and the vacuum also keeps carbonated drinks fresh. Amazing. Of course you have to get the S’well Metallic Rose Gold bottle, because rose gold is everything right now. If you’re like me you don’t really like the standard headphones you get with your smart phone, my current headphone love is the Swedish designed Nocs NS50 headphones in their brushed aluminium housing. Looks beautiful and has great sound. Need I say more?

The fitness gear that does more


Ask any Sydney person who lives by the water what their workout usually entails and I’m sure many will reply with “workout and then go for a swim”. It is a pretty standard occurrence to see people go for a morning run followed by a dip in Bondi, so when Lululemon released their Sweat 2 Swim collection, I knew it would be a winner with many people. A sports bra and shorts you can go for a sweaty run in and then jump in an ocean is perfect, no more destroying your sports bras with salt water or wasting time getting changed. Perfect! Get one or five – so you don’t have to wash them after every workout. Oh and the sports bra also comes in black, if you’re not big on wearing coloured workout gear.

The actual fitness accessories


Working out isn’t all running and swimming in the ocean, sometimes you need a few extra accessories to help you stay fit. Here’s some that we think everyone needs for at home/backyard/park workouts. Skipping may have been something we did in primary school with our friends, but it’s also a great cardio activity so why not get on to it with a Nike Speed 2.0 Jump Rope in a pretty pink? If you must own a yoga mat, make it a Adidas by Stella McCartney Yoga Mat, because STELLLLLA. I have one I purchased last year, it’s pink and I love it. Plus the logo reminds me that I have to workout to wear my fashion clothes (i.e. the non elastic waist things). If you prefer something a little more bright, try the Reebok Fitness Mat, we used one at an event where we did yoga with Miranda Kerr and I wanted to take mine home with me. And then there are the weights which make cardio workouts harder but also makes you work harder and drop kilos and get toned faster. We love this Reebok 7.5kg Kettlebell set and Celsius 10kg Dumbell Set.

The fitness wear


Sometimes you just put on any old tshirt or tank top to workout in, which is fine. But when you’re looking in the mirror at the gym and see a slogan that inspires you to run that extra 5km on the treadmill, you might want to stock up on slogan tees for the gym. Our favourites include: Adolescent Clothing’s ‘T-Shirt With Game On Fleek’, Nike’s classic slogan ‘Just Do It’ on a tank, Barber’s ‘Powered By Pizza’ bra top and New Look’s ‘Work Hard, Dream Big’ tank.