Christmas gifts for the Coffee Lovers

Confession, I love coffee. To drink, in my beauty products and of course the smell. Addict much? I’m not alone either, I have many coffee lover friends, family and co-workers (imaginary, because I am a full time blogger with no co workers unless you count my cat). So what do you get someone like me, or my friends who love coffee? Besides a months worth of coffee from your local café, there are so many things in varying price ranges.

Check out our list below for all things coffee related, scented, infused, emblazoned and more.

Nespresso Inissia Coffee Machine

My go-to luxury gift has also been a Nespresso machine, with a variety of price ranges, colours and styles, it’s a treat-yo-friend gift that lasts and everyone secretly wants in their home. We love our little Nespresso Inissia coffee machine because it’s compact, lightweight and pink! Unfortunately the pink is a limited edition, but you can also get it in your usual black, white and red… and probably a few more colours. Split the cost of the machine between your siblings or friends to really treat someone this Christmas.

RRP: $249 from or major retail stores Australia wide

Frank Original Body Scrub and Body Cream

I love a body scrub and body cream, one can never be too exfoliated or too soft, after all dry skin = ageing and no one wants that. Frank’s Body Scrub is a cult favourite for a reason, with their special blend of natural ingredients that will scrub away dry, flaky skin and target pesky skin conditions like cellulite, stretch marks, eczema, and psoriasis. Follow it up with the delicious smelling Frank Body Cream and you will smell divine all day. Just try not to lick your arm while sitting at your desk at work.

RRP: Scrub $14.95, Cream $21.95 from


South Parade Coffee Is the New Black Tee

When you love something, say it loud and proud. Or wear a tshirt with the love written all over it. We love this South Parade tshirt with ‘Coffee is the New Black’ written across it.

RRP: US$64 from Shopbop

LUSH Percup Massage Bar

Who doesn’t love a Lush massage bar? Well did you know there is a (vegan) massage bar with whole coffee beans in it? Not only does the whole coffee beans and caffeine boost circulation, the coconut and jojoba oils leave your skin feeling beautifully hydrated. Oh and it smells deliciously of coffee as well.

RRP: $13.95 from and Lush stores

Nespresso Scented Candle, Café Absolu

From the makers of everyone’s must-have coffee machine is a coffee scented candle. Which by the way are harder to come by than you think, google it, most major candle brands don’t offer this delicious scent. The Nespresso Café Absolu candle blends the intense and smooth scent of coffee with precious woody notes, cocoa beans and Bourbon vanilla. I want 10, please and thank you.

RRP: $50 from and Nespresso boutiques


From These Hands: A Journey Along the Coffee Trail

Is your giftee known for their knowledge of things? Maybe a book from the award?winning photographer Steve McCurry celebrating coffee?growing communities around the world, from the foothills of the Andes to the slopes of Kilimanjaro and the Jungles of Vietnam might be for them? The book features portraits of workers and their families alongside natural landscapes bring the coffee plantations to life.

RRP: US$60 from EastDane

Daisy Street Coffee Slippers

Nothing warms your feet quite like a warm drink, but until the warm coffee reached down to your toes, keep them warm with these cute slippers for wearing around the house. Hopefully your housemates take note of your love of coffee and have a mug waiting for you when you get out of bed.

RRP: Approximately AU$23.18 from ASOS

Moleskine Passion Journal: Coffee

Take your coffee passion to a new level with this Moleskine passion journal. With 5 themed sections and 5 tabbed sections to personalize; essential guide to coffee flavours and brewing, sections to record tasting notes, favourite coffee bars, recipes, personal collection, wish lists and checklists, this journal will have your coffee addict friend taking notes every time you meet for a cup of joe.

RRP: £16.99 from Moleskine