Aussie model Nicole Trunfio discusses her jewellery designs

Since being crowned the winner of the 2002 Australian TV series ‘Search for a Supermodel’, Nicole Trunfio has modelled for some of fashion’s biggest names, including Chanel, Versace, Gucci, and Vivienne Westwood. As well as giving birth to a son in early 2015, Trunfio also took some brief acting roles over the years, and has also served as a mentor to aspiring models in TV shows around the world, such as ‘Make Me a Supermodel’ and ‘The Face Australia’. Trunfio’s designs have been captured momentarily in the past, however it’s clear that jewellery is something that she holds dear to her heart and intends to give it her everything.

However, Trunfio recently had to defend her jewellery’s price tag, which she claimed was no different from high-end designs from Cartier – who known for their exquisitely refined jewellery and watches in a range of gorgeous styles. “You say it is expensive, but it is actually not expensive for what we are creating”, Trunfio stated. “The quality is up there with Cartier and we are half the price of them. I want people to buy it so they can see the quality.”

In an interview with The Huffington Post Australia, Trunfio spoke of her new collections and how the designs reflect her as a person. “I really wanted to make a brand that represents who I am and the kind of lifestyle I have. I feel as though the brand is valuable, really high quality and will stand the test of time to be passed down through generations within families,” said Trunfio. “The jewellery is very sentimental, every piece has a lot of meaning and depth behind it.”

Trunfio also talked about her new charm design called the ‘Universe Bracelet’. “[It’s a] collectible because the bracelet itself and the pyramid come as separate pieces,” described Trunfio. “I really urge people to get their favourite mantra, quote or saying they live buy inscribed on the inner face of the bracelet, so when you wind the pyramid into the bracelet to lock it, it’s a time of self-reflection to remember that mantra or quote. It’s a small reminder of why we’re here and what our goals and dreams are.”

The full range of Trunfio’s collections for men and women can be found on her official website, which includes bracelets, earrings, necklaces, and rings. The site also features her ‘Zodiac’ range, which she says is inspired by her own star sign: “I’m a Pisces, which is why the first piece from the collection is a Pisces. We have sold the Pisces ring to so many people who aren’t that sign [simply] because they love the design.”