Learn to braid hair with Alan Buki

Confession, I had no idea how to do a simple braid (note: not a plait) in my hair until last month. Doing a braid looks so effortless and easy for those “in-the-know” but for me it always seems like a mystery with fingers and hair flying all over the place. But after a short 20 minute hands on session, we managed to learn how to do a basic braid as well as a fishtail braid. It was actually quite simple really – start off like you would with a plait, loop your hair twice, then add/gather extra hair every time you pull a bit of hair over from the side.

If you are anything like me, that would have just done straight over my head. I like to see how things are done to ‘get’ it.

So we owe our new braiding skills to the owner of Alan Buki for O&M Syd and co-founder of Original & Mineral hair care, Alan Buki himself and tomorrow he will launch Home Hair School with Braiding 101 classes for clients who want a little hands on training on how to do a braid.

The idea is to offer a different Home Hair School to clients per month with a maximum of 15 clients per class. Alan and his well-trained team will show clients how they can get salon-sassy hairstyles at home and between salon appointments, giving them the know-how to re-create their favourite hair looks in the comfort of their own home. A wider global audience will also get access to Home Hair School via his website.

If you haven’t visited Alan Buki for O&M Syd, make a booking now and ask about Home Hair School. If you can’t get in with Alan himself, we love Emily for all your colour needs (done of course with O&M’s Clean Color Technology hair dye which is free from paraphenylenediamine, rescorcinol and ammonia).


Think you can master the braid from a diagram?


I’d love to see your results – tag us in on social media (@sassybella on Instagram and Twitter) if you upload any!