Spring fitness tips to fit into that bikini by summer


So it’s the start of Spring, and we all know what that means – that summer is on its way, which means for most Australian’s, a lot of time spent at the beach in bikini’s. If you spent most of winter hibernating and flaking on the gym we have some tips from Patrick Dixon, founder and head trainer at Eagle Eye Fitness on how to get your fitness and bikini body back on track for summer.

  1. Start slowly now.
  2. Get into good habits so you are prepared and a head of the late Spring rush to the gym. Use this time as a pressure free window to improve, rather than a frantic stress the night before you head out.
  3. Focus on cooking and buying healthier (still tasty) foods and aim to limit the needless extras.
  4. Get into a good workout routine several times a week. We put together personalised workout and diet plans for our clients to achieve their desired goals.

Our personal workout plan (created by Patrick from Eagle Eye Fitness of course) includes a lot of stair runs and high intensity interval trainining (HIIT). The workouts usually take about 30 minutes (not including stretching and warm ups) which is perfect for our busy schedules and the short time frame and quick workouts means we can stay focused and get it over and done with quicker.


“Another reason to continue your fitness during the Winter and Spring is too limit the yoyo effect,” Patrick tells us. “Gaining large amounts of weight and then losing again and again causes needless problems for your body both internally (heart and respiratory problems) as well as externally (skin damage). “

Mini workouts to try at home (click to enlarge):

ww-weightedshadowboxing ww-bulgarianlunges ww-strengthcardio

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SpringWorkout_4836 SpringWorkout_4824

Helen wears: Nike Free’s from JD Sports, Reebok sports bra & tights. Photos by Nicole Cooper.

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  • You are so right on the third point, cooking at home and looking for healthier food will definitely make a big impact on the result you want to have. I use to exercise like nut without having any results, until I understood that I have to change my diet as well! Good point:-).

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