Fashion and shopping apps for Microsoft Surface


We’re constantly reading and researching what is happening in fashion, both currently and historically. One of our current obsessions is discovering what phone, computer and tablet apps there are available for our Mircrosoft Surface Pro 2 which we basically use for everything blogging and life. A handy little tablet/computer combo has loads of power and handy apps, so surely within the Microsoft  Store there would be some great fashion and lifestyle apps in there (as well as some shopping apps in case you have a partner that keeps tabs on your shopping habits in your web browser).

Fashion apps for style advice

I often have friends ask me for fashion advice about dressing for their shape, height and size. Now everyone has help at their fingertips with these handy apps.


Glamour – 1,000 Ways to Dress 10 Pounds Thinner

Glamour UK have released this handy app which is dedicated to one thing: making you look your slimmest, fittest, and hottest. Helping with things like choosing the best skirts for big hips and finding jeans for tall women, the app is full of great tips and tricks from fashion insiders, designers and stylists.



Another handy app which helps you discover what your body shape is and then teaches you how to dress for your body type.


FashionWise For Men

Just like the women’s app, this handy app helps men learn about their body shape and how best to dress for it. After all, if all women aren’t the same body shape, neither are men, and often there aren’t many places for men to learn about what clothes suit their shape as well as their style.

Another fitness app

We spoke about Fitness Apps for the Microsoft Surface a few weeks ago, but you can never get enough fitness tips and tricks to get a more toned body.


SELF – GUIDE: Flat Abs Made Easy

Who doesn’t want to look good when you’re baring skin, either in a bikini or while rocking one of this seasons hottest crop tops. With this special edition SELF app you will find lots of simple flat-abs tricks which makes working out fun. But that’s not all, also include are anti-bloating recipes, advice on food which help speed up the metabolism and tips on how to walk off that muffin top.

And then the shopping apps

Unfortunately some online stores don’t ship to Australia but that doesn’t mean there aren’t ways around it with drop shipping or friends who’s international addresses you can ship to. Not that we always hit ‘check out’, browsing is always fun. here’s a quick list of our favourite shopping apps for the Mircrosoft Surface.


Our Microsoft Surface Pro was provided to us as part of the Microsoft Connections Program.