A Lazy Girls Guide to Moisturising

Moisturising can be such a time consuming and tedious task – that is completely essential if you want soft skin that doesn’t feel like the rough side of a crocodile. Especially when your skin has been exposed to copious amounts of sun or hot water showers, that boost of vitamin E or cocoa butter can really refresh the skin. Not to mention keep a major sign of ageing (i.e. wrinkles) at bay. Our trick to moisturising is keeping a pump bottle of good body moisturiser in clear sight after we get out of the shower, so we’re guilted in smoothing it on our skin before we get dressed. But for the time poor, we have two corner cutting tips that make moisturising that much easier.

The Spray Moisturiser

The clever folks at Vaseline recently released the Vaseline Spray Moisturiser, a spray-on lotion that has been formulated to spray on and be absorbed into the skin quickly. Containing oat extract, aloe and cocoa butter, it moisturises without leaving a sticky residue. With three product varieties (aloe, cocoa and dry skin), you simply choose the one you need, spray on, smooth your hand over the spray and go.

What we loved about it: It’s easy to use and the 360 degree spray means that it works upside down and helps you hit that little hard-to-reach spot on your back.

RRP: AUD$9.99

The In-Shower Body Lotion

Nivea’s In-Shower Body Lotion is one of our obsessions this year – because it changes the way we all think about moisturising. Why? Because it’s designed to be used in the shower, yes, in the shower. Though not the first product of it’s kind on the market (Lush Cosmetics have that honor with their Ro’s Argan Body Conditioner), it is designed to be used after body wash, left on the skin for 30 seconds to a minute and then rinsed off, leaving the skin feeling hydrated and smooth even after you have toweled off. Nivea’s In-Shower Body Lotion packs a punch with three formulations (normal, dry and very dry – not pictured), which contains sea minerals, almond oil and shea butter.

What we loved about it: The fact that we don’t have to moisturise after we get out of the shower.

RRP: AUD$7.99

Regular moisturising vs In Shower or Spray moisturising

Nothing will provide more moisture to the skin than a quality body moisturiser, but with the busy lives we all lead, these corner cutting moisturising options are better than not moisturising at all.

All product was given to us for editorial consideration.

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  • May says:

    I think the Nivea in shower is the way to go in Winter. How else do you moisturise in winter? Way too cold when starkers.

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