MBFWA 2014 Blogger Diaries: Day 1

Day 1 of Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Australia should really be called night 1, with the one show, Carla Zampatti, opening the festivities in style. Don’t be fooled into thinking that fashion week isn’t hard work, for those of us who report on the shows in a timely fashion (and not just by uploading photographs) it’s a mad dash from backstage/front of house back to our computers to upload our thoughts and then attend the next show.

What did we get up to on day one?

3pm: My flatmate Nicole and I decide it’s time to get ready for the Carla Zampatti show, between changing our outfits about 5 times and asking each others opinions on shoe choice, we managed to take about 30 minutes more than usual to get ready.

4pm: We’re off in a cab to Carriageworks to snag us a spot in the Media Centre. We run into a few friends on the way in, have a quick chat before snagging the last of the empty table space.

5pm: Nicole runs off to shoot street style while I loiter around and chat with friends.

6pm: We linger around and wait until we’re ushered into The Runway for the show.

6:30pm: Carla Zampatti shows a beautiful collection

6:50pm: Home time! Off to write down our thoughts about the show and pack for Day 2 of MBFWA.