Inside the Emirates First Class Shower and my experience as an Air Stewardess

I love airplanes. I don’t know why but there is something amazing about that much weight of metal, fuel, humans and luggage lifting off in the air that fascinates me every time I see one take off, especially when it is an A380. Every time I see one in person, I am in awe of its size and its ability to take off and be quieter than any other large passenger aircraft around today. So when Emirates invited me to board an A380 to Auckland, New Zealand and check out their Business Class service and check out their First Class Shower, how could I say no?

There are a few things I love about flying Business (and I assume First) Class:

  1. You get an express pass to get through security and customs quicker
  2. You get access to fancy airline lounges with free wifi and food
  3. You board the plane first
  4. You have so much more space and often can lie flat on the plane. A luxury I found ridiculously amazing when I flew to Europe on Qantas in their Business Class cabin.
  5. Did I mention the bigger TV screens, fancier flying packs, nicer food on actual plates with actual cutlery (i.e. not plastic), sometimes you get offered PJs and you get nicer blankets to keep you warm. And depending on the airline, you get some really fancy chairs that include built in massagers and on board wifi.

Of course being a Dubai based airline, Emirates had all the luxuries one could dream of in their Business Class cabin. Comfy chairs, leg room, a little mini bar of snacks and drinks you may want during the flight and a reclining chair. Though the flight to Auckland from Sydney is only 3 hours, I made sure to test that out. And then came the visit the Business Class In-Flight Lounge/Bar which consists of a comfy lounge and a bar where an air stewardess has laid out snacks and will make you drinks if you want to get out of your seat and lounge around and do some work or read a magazine on a different part of the plane.


And that is just Business Class. If you are lucky enough to fly First Class there is a whole other luxury to flying on Emirates… the shower. Inside there is a full sized shower (but of course), complete with all the amenities you could need, including a hair dryer. So if you already fly business class and are considering upgrading next time, make sure you book in a time to use the shower when you fly next.


Just when I thought the flight experience couldn’t get any better, I was asked if I wanted to try on the Emirates Air Stewardess hat – it was like someone knew that I once secretly dreamed of being one, flying around the world Pan Am style, visiting some of the world’s greatest cities and meeting amazing people.


What do you think? I think I could work for Emirates, I wonder if they are hiring…. For their Business Class or First Class cabin of course.