Her Fitness Box – the first Fitness inspired monthly box in Australia


Fitness has become such a huge industry in Australia – probably thanks to the beautiful great outdoors and the preconception that we are a sporty and suntanned nation. But being fit and healthy is more than just a passing trend than it is a way of life – a longer and better life at that.

So when Australian monthly-subscription-fashion-box company Her Fashion Box decided to launch a sister box inspired by all things fitness called Her Fitness Box and we couldn’t wait to speak to Kath Purkis, Her Fashion Box founder all about it.

“After the success with our first subscription box, Her Fashion Box I wanted to expand our subscription business into my other love of fitness!” Kath tells us.

“I love yoga, working out, the Bondi to Bronte & just about every form of fitness. I’m guilty of not getting to yoga as much as I would like to & sometimes lacking a little bit of inspiration to get me moving. I thought, wouldn’t it be fun to create something which inspired women to get active every month. With this thought, Her Fitness Box was born & has just launched sending women a very inspiring fitness box every month. In each box, we curate & feature the latest fit accessories & lifestyle products to get you moving & being the best version of yourself.”

The team at HFB, together with Lucette West, the resident fitness fanatic who spearheaded the launch of Her Fitness Box, live and breathe fashion and fitness in their day to day lives, so it was a easy transition from fashion to fitness.

“There is a certain spirit behind Her Fitness Box that is resonating through the entire office,” Lucette tells us.

“We are an active team and although we are also linked with fashion I think the sport luxe trend has really seen us all fuse our fashion with fitness. We developed Her Fitness Box as a go to for women who maybe felt like they couldn’t get away from the office or other commitments were tying them down with no time to visit a gym or change their eating habits.”

“It could also be as simple as they weren’t sure where to start and were not confident in making this journey on their own. Similar to Her Fashion Box, we wanted to offer a customised solution where our subscribers are able to put their trust in our team and know that we have their best interests and in this case health and fitness at heart. No gimmicks, just hard work, good recipes and products that we all love that you can test out in the comfort of your own home.

Living up to the stereotype of being fit and healthy is something not all Australian’s have done in the past, but fitness in Australia has been a booming industry for the last few years. People becoming more aware of the fact that they can change their bodies – by being more fit, adding muscle or losing weight.

“I think people are becoming more aware of themselves. Whenever fitness is associated with anything, it’s always about losing weight, the ‘new’ you or impressing those around you, but it’s not about that at all,” Lucette says.

“It’s about making a positive lifestyle change and by being fit, being yourself and being happy in your own skin. So often we hear of people self-medicating by bingeing, staying in bed and not eating at all, but I think the awareness has begun to rise and slowly people are starting to realise that work on the inside and outside is needed by giving your body positive fuel.”

“A healthy lifestyle is actually the best thing for you and once you have that feel good feeling after a workout or a healthy meal, you will want that buzz again, and that can’t be replicated by anything else. There are so many positive health advocates and influentials spreading the message and helping others out there just by sharing their experiences and showing that you are able to change the negatives into positives!”

Launched last month, Her Fitness Box aims to give their customers inspiration and the tools to go out and get fit and healthy. The February 2014 box features a skipping rope, protein bar, coconut oil, a voucher to Anytime Fitness, healthy recipes and a mini workout with personal trainer, Patrick Dixon from Eagle Eye Fitness.

“It’s easy working with the girls at Her Fitness Box, they share a great passion for health and fitness as I do,” Patrick tells us. “Skipping is a great work out because it doesn’t require a lot of space, is great cardio and you can get an effective workout in a short amount of time. You can also take it easy or make it a harder workout by alternative feet or doing double skips. I hope people use the exercises to help them achieve their fitness goals.”

Watch the first Her Fitness Box February 2014 workout with Patrick below:

[youtube id=”LvcCKj2muDU” width=”600″ height=”338″]