Cate Blanchett for Silhouette Eyewear’s Icon for an Icon Campaign


Cate Blanchett has been named the new face of Silhouette, the iconic eyewear brand renowned for its premium lightweight eyewear. Fronting their ICON FOR AN ICON campaign, Cate was shot by the legendary Peter Lindbergh on location in Hollywood.

Showcasing Silhouette’s rimless TITAN MINIMAL ART glasses and sunglasses, the pairing of Cate with eyewear brings together two uniquely purist and effortlessly stylish forces.

Says Arnold Schmied, Co-owner of Silhouette International, “We greatly admire Cate’s authenticity, and that’s what we’ve aimed to capture in this shoot. The rimless aesthetic of TITAN MINIMAL ART allows her to shine through, without distraction or obstruction, so you are able to see her as she really is.”

Says Lindbergh: “Cate is always herself, and that comes through in the pictures. She is such a genuine person and great to photograph.”

With a sleek, monochrome, modern look, the photographs highlight the state of the art design and materials. TITAN MINIMAL ART is crafted from super lightweight titanium, a flexible space-age material, with tapered and hypoallergenic — and now longer — temple ends handcrafted with Silhouette proprietary materials that feel smooth to the touch but grip effortlessly during activity. The sunglass lenses, with a trademark unrestricted view, provide 100% protection against UVA, B and C rays, are anti-reflective, and can be polarized or even made prescription. Moreover, all lens shapes can be customized to suit the face of the wearer, as Silhouette did for Cate’s bespoke eyewear.

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  • eye wear or sunglasses provides basically protection to our eyes and its great that all lenses shape can be customized to suit the face of the wearer. Most of the eye wear doesn’t suits on wearer face. So its interesting fact. Thanks Helen Lee.

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