How to take the Perfect Bath

Baths. You either love them or you hate them. Me personally? I love them, especially when we’re on holidays and the hotel bath tub is big and inviting.

Did you know that water or hydro therapy can be traced to about 4500 BC to the areas that are now Egypt, Iraq and Iran. Immersing the body in water has been medically proven to be a very relaxing, therapeutic and a complement to a healthy lifestyle or those in need of improved well-being; this is why Lapis Spa, Fontainebleau Miami Beach offers water therapy in various ways and at varied temperatures.

According to Director of Spa Operation, Josie Feria the deep muscle relaxation associated with a good hot bath helps to reduce cramps, tension headaches and improves muscle elasticity. The process is similar to a massage and beneficial for everyone from athletes to those who sit at a desk all day. It has even been said that taking a bath takes you back to a time when you were in the womb thus creating a comforting and relaxing environment. So, next time you have a stressful day, draw a bath and use the tips below provided by Josie Feria to create the ultimate soaking experience.

How to create the perfect bath:

  • Get the Optimum Bath Temperature:  A warm bath is best for relaxing the body. Ideal water temperature for a warm bath is 33 degrees Celsius or 92 degrees Fahrenheit. Be sure to use your wrist, not your hand to test the water since your wrist is a better gauge of how the water will feel once your entire body is submerged.
  • Use Scented Bath Oil: Choose scented bath oil; floral scents like lavender, jasmine, iris and rose are associated with relaxation and can help to ease you into a relaxing state quicker. Add oils to the tub when the bath is halfway full, this will help them disperse evenly throughout the water.
  • Give yourself a Body Scrub: Most people are used to being active all the time, so when they get in the tub their minds start racing and they become unable to relax. Gently massaging your body with a sponge and body scrub will help engage your mind as the scrub buffs away dryness and leaves your skin supple and moist.
  • Close Your Eyes: It is important to close your eyes during the bath to enter deep relaxation, so anything that forces you to keep your eyes closed is a great. Try cold cucumbers, an icy compress or eye pads which have been soaked in chilled chamomile tea.
  • Use Bath Salts: Tough workout? Bath salts are like external muscle relaxants. If you have soreness, pain or swelling, bath salts reduce inflammation and stiffness, and help detoxify skin and increase circulation which helps to ease tension and revitalize the body
  • Light Some Candles: Bright bathroom lights tell your body its go-time — not bath time. Instead, light a few candles and place them around the room and on the edge of the tub.
  • Treat your face and hair: Make the most of your bath by using the time and give yourself a face and hair treatment. Both the skin and hair respond very favorably to the moist environment created by a steamy bath. Put on a pore clearing face mask and a hair replenishing hair treatment while you soak. Your face and hair will also thank you.
  • Play Music: Play relaxing music to sooth your mood and aid in the process of relaxation. Visualization is also a great tool to enhance relaxation in the bath. Complimented by music visualization exercises can transport you to your own private Nirvana.
  • Bath Robe/ Nice Bath Sheets: Nothing jolts you out of a zen state like going from a warm, luxe bath to a measly, threadbare robe or old dingy towel. Get a plush terry cloth robe or fluffy towels that allow you to feel warm and comfortable.
  • Relax afterwards: Leave the smart phone, tablet devices and computer alone for an hour or so and just enjoy time for yourself. 

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