Beauty subscription boxes go to a new level with They All Hate Us x Max Made


It wasn’t that long ago that everyone wanted the IT bag, to be the IT girl or have the IT high end designer x high street piece. Well now the girls behind the Australian fashion blog They All Hate Us and popular makeup artist Max May are hoping you will want The INSIDER Kit from They All Hate Us x Max Made.

Launching this month, the INSIDER Kit concept is a bimonthly hair, body and ‘get the look’ kits inspired by the Tash Sefton and Elle Ferguson from They All Hate Us. The Insider Kits have been carefully selected by Max May and consist of the must-have beauty items and how to use them to get the Elle or Tash look this summer.


We chatted to Tash, Elle and Max about their new venture together, here’s what they had to say:

Where did the idea of The INSIDER Kits come from?

TASH: Elle and I have our fashion shop and wanted to add beauty products to it but thought it needed its own space on our website. We had so many of our readers ask what hair and beauty products we use and our secret tips – we thought we could create something to answer them. We teamed up with Max because…..lets face it, he is a lovely guy, a fantastic make up artist and keeps the process simple. He also explains the “how” in easy terms and I have personally learnt so much from him. There is alot of products and he knows what to use, for different effects and looks.

ELLE: The idea of the kits came from the need of being able to have everything you need to create a certain look in one place. Tash and I had been inundated with questions from our readers and customers as to what products we use and where to get them… After doing many shoots with the amazing Max we knew he was the man with the answers to what every girl needs… After working with max my personal beauty kit went from about 50 products to five key products that my look revolved around… And once i found the answers to creating the perfect look Tash and I wanted to share this with our readers/customers… And so the kit was born.

MAX: We have been talking about doing something together for a while. The 3 of us wanted it to be something special, different, not just any old collaboration. We are constantly talking ideas while we are shooting along with me always showing them new products and techniques to better there routine and refine their look. We started talking about the endless stream of messages from woman asking us question of what we used on particular shoots and how we applied them. From there The Insider Kit was born!

What sets it apart from all the other boxes on the market?

TASH: Our kits arent just a box of products to “test” – they have been specifically selected by Max to give the best look and when you buy the kit you get a 5 minute demonstration video of how to use each product.

ELLE: Also available through our new E magazine is a tutorial with max taking you through how to create our looks… Like I said it’s more than just a kit.

Why did you choose to collaborate with each other?

ELLE: Max is a genius! There is nobody else that comes close to what that man can do… And it’s not only what he can do it’s what he knows… As Tash said before it’s the way he uses the products and he’s techniques that really does make him a leader in he’s field. Not only that he’s scope of work are some of the most iconic faces in the world… We are honoured to be working with him.

MAX: I’m a fan of both of the girls styles and I think we all share a very similar aesthetic and passion for beauty.

What are your personal beauty must-have’s this summer?

TASH: A bronzer, a liquid eye liner and a tanning mousse. A bronzer can be worn without makeup but still give you that fresh look. The Liquid eye liner dresses up the eye. And a tanned body (without the sun) can change your mood and make you look a dress size smaller. (and all available in the Tash Kit)

ELLE: Lashes!!! Seriously the bigger the better and I don’t mean fake you need an amazing mascara that lasts (the benefit one in my kit I swear by and have everyone I know using it), a flushed cheek… Trust me no matter how tanned you are you need a little blush just on the apple of your cheek… It makes you look fresh and your eyes pop! A nude lip… Yes a bold lip works but nothing beats the sexiness of a soft nude lips… Illuminiser you may not know it but a little on the cheek bone, the bridge of the nose and the now of the lip instantly makes you look like a Victoria secrets model… And all of the above would be pointless without a good primer… It’s the basis to the entire process, it’s about prepping your canvas for pure perfection. Seriously can you tell I’m addicted to my kit!

MAX: I’m all about sun-care and hydration during summer. I use Dermalogica Solar Defence 30+ for the face and Reef Dry Oil 30+ for the body. I can never go past La Mer’s Hydrating Fluid for my face through the day. In the evening I’m using a hydrating Night Cream and a organic coconut oil on my body while I’m still wet from the shower. Im in love with Tom Fords Tobacco Vanille perfume. It’s definitely going to be my Summer sent.

Thanks for chatting to us guys.

So which products can you expect to find in the They All Hate Us x Max Made INSIDER Kits? Well, just some names like L’Oreal, Lancôme, Giorgio Armani, St Tropez, Benefit, Becca Cosmetics and many more. You can buy the first kist for AUD$129.95 from next week.

If you want to get Max Made’s beauty tips and tricks of the trade, you can purchase the emagazine: The Beauty Edit, separately for $9.95.


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