WIN: Kirstie Clements’ Tongue In Chic book


If you love fashion, you will have surely loved Kirstie Clements’ first novel, The Vogue Factor. Now the former Vogue Australia editor is back with her second novel, Tongue in Chic.

This novel takes us inside the fictitious Chic magazine, where an average day involves counting calories (preferably other people’s), masterful justification of spending half your annual salary on a blue fox fur, and keeping a kohl-lined eye on the competition. It gives a no holds barred account of all that is tantalising and addictive in the crazy world of high fashion.

To add to the glam factor, the book covers designed by the brilliant fashion illustrator Megan Hess, who also designed Candance Bushnell’s iconic books.

We’re giving away 5 copies of the book for our readers.

All you have to do is tell us what role you would like play in the fashion industry?


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