Beauty must have: Nail Polish Remover Wipes


If you’re anything like me, you always forget to remove your nail polish and attempt to apply new polish about 5 minutes before you have to run out the door. Talk about bad timing. If only removing nail polish could be done when you’re on the go… well, I nearly squealed with joy when I discovered nail polish remover wipes a few years ago. Inside small containers, were pre-moistened pads/wipes which meant removing your nail polish was a simple and easy process that could be done anywhere – from the back of taxi’s to sitting at your desk at work.

These wipes are also handy when you’re going away on holidays and want to change polish colours while you’re away – and taking a whole bottle of liquid nail polish remover is just not ideal.

Our 4 favourite Nail Polish Remover Wipes on the market


Revitanail Conditioning Remover Wipes

I love anything Revitanail, so when I realised they had nail polish remover wipes, I knew I had to try it. Like their other products, they are definitely help improve the health of your nails with hydrating vitamin E and acetone-free, non-irritant formula. The container is double sealed to prevent the pads from drying out in the container. The pads are on the thin side, so you may use a few to get through dark and thick coats of polish.

Price: $5.95
Pack size: 30 wipes
Buy it at: Priceline or David Jones


Swisspers Nail Polish Remover Pads

If you’re addicted to Swisspers face wipes, then you will fall in love with their Nail Polish remover pads. With thick pads and a formulation that is acetone free and contains nourishing ingredients like vitamin E and aloe vera, it makes these a no brainer when it comes to buying them for nail polish removal on the run.

Price: $4.95
Pack size: 36 wipes
Buy it from: Priceline


Sportsgirl Remove It – Nail Polish Remover Wipes

Sportsgirl beauty has come a long way since its launch 4 years ago. With a product line that stretches from fashion to lifestyle and beauty, the buying team at Sportsgirl sure know a hit product when they see one. A similar formulation like the preview nail polish remover wipes, the Sportsgirl nail polish remover wipes are on the thins side but come in a pack of 50(!). There doesn’t seem to be a ingredients list on the pack or online but they are nourishing and there isn’t a acetone scent.

Price: $4.95
Pack size: 50 wipes
Buy it from: Sportsgirl stores or online on


Boots Moisturising Nail Poilish Rremover Wipes

These were the first ever nail polish remover wipes I ever bought – while on holidays in London since I didn’t pack a bottle of nail polish and wipes – and they are probably my favourite. With a textured pad, it makes nail polish removing just those few seconds quick and the moisturising acetone free formulation contains Lanolin as well as Vitamin E. My only small complaint is that the lanolin can leave a slight film of oil around your nails, which isn’t so bad when you’re removing red nail polish as it stops the colour from staining your cuticles and skin around your nail bed.

Price: £1.50
Pack size: 15
Buy it from: Boots stores or online (does not ship to Australia)

Disclosure: The Swisspers and Revitanail nail polish remover wipes were given to us for editorial consideration.