Zumba 30 Day Challenge: Lesson 4 – it’s just like interval training!

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We mentioned that after lesson two, our motivation for going back to Zumba lessons (besides the fact that Kathy ‘Bananas’ is super fun and who doesn’t like shaking their groove thang?) was endorphins? Well by the time our fourth lesson rolled around, we felt like we kind of owned it and the endorphins had been kicked up into high gear – we were picking up the dance moves quicker and who doesn’t love spending an hour with a smile on their face?

But wait… did we tell you that Zumba is actually amazing for weight loss? I can hear you say…. ‘well if you exercise, doesn’t that mean weight loss anyway?’

We chatted to Kathy after our fourth lesson to quiz her about why YOU should be going to do Zumba at your local gym, and her answer was simple… it was basically a fun version of interval training!

“Zumba class is different to something like Body Pump because it is highly repetitive. Body Pump is about 130 – 150 beats per minute. Whereas with Zumba there are different songs – so slow rhythms, fast rhythms and slow rhythms designed to get you heart rate up and down just like interval training, which is great for losing weight.”

Kathy had us at weight loss. With summer just around the corner, it is time for us to kick our work out schedule into high gear and get bikini ready.

Check out the photos to see how much fun was had at our last Zumba class as part of our 30 Day Zumba Challenge with Tash from Breakfast with Audrey and Kathy Bananas.

zumba-4-02 zumba-4-05 zumba-4-04 zumba-4-03

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We went to Fitness First in St Leonards for our 30 Day Zumba Challenge.


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