Zumba 30 Day Challenge: Lesson 3 – Party time!

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Lesson three of our 30 Day Zumba Challenge was just like dancing at a night club and laughing with your friends and people around you. I was recently overseas and made a group of cool new friends at a dance party and it reminded me so much of my first Zumba group class. Tash from Breakfast With Audrey and I didn’t know anyone besides the very cool and crazy Kathy ‘Bananas’ and left with lots of laughs and a new friend or two.

Dancing is one of my favourite new workouts thanks to Zumba, the nonstop movement for hours and the opportunity for self-expression on the dance floor is fun. As is watching everyone else’s form of self-expression. There was no judgement of course, it was a class full of happy people (see our recap of lesson 2) who just happened to be dancing an hour away.

The best thing is, we learnt a few new dance moves for future dance parties. Thanks Zumba!

Check out the photos below to see how much fun was had.





Stay tuned for our fourth lesson recap!

Love Kathy Bananas?
Find out more about her Zumba classes via email, phone 0414 226 199, her website or Facebook.

We went to Fitness First in St Leonards for our 30 Day Zumba Challenge.


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